100 Thousand Mimes for Change – Egypt ( 100TMC-Egy ) 2012


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100 Thousand Mimes for Change – Egypt :

From Mimes 4 Family

Is the first international independent festival of MIME arts takes place in Egypt, held in cooperation with some of the most important cultural institutions; in order to increase the area of expression for artists mime to communicate their opinions and ideas of contemporary society and
to participate together in the implementation of their presentations to the theaters Aowalsahat open to help change the way we see the local community and the world.

100 Thousand Mimes for Change :

Is an independent initiative launched by a group of artists and poets in the U.S. (led by: Michael Rothenberg, Terri Carrion) on September 24, 2011 under the title of poet 100 thousand for Change (100TPC), and the result was the biggest event in the history of poetry.

As for this year in September 29, 2012 has sought 100,000 poet to change its program and was invited to the Artists Mime and poets and musicians to participate in celebrations in many cities, all over the world, at the same time and date, on stage or in the open air to promote change social
and environmental policy and to achieve peace.

And after major political changes taking place in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world, there is a strong need in the region specializing in Arts Festival mime to highlight the work of Mime artists in Egypt.

It’s a great opportunity to get to the public in new ways with the expansion of the discovery of different art forms, especially in the art of mime.

And here in Egypt adopted a project (100TMC) and we invited all Artists Mime and some cultural institutions to participate in the celebration of artistic silent; in order to subscribe to the audience and performers in the biggest event art of Mime in a new way; for the world to know that we have a voice, and we care about the future of this country.

And because Cairo is historically the most important capitals of culture in the Arab world, and with the growth of independent art in Egypt and the Arab world is the (center of hangars for the Arts) is the ideal choice for the festival, such as (100TMC), which brings together artists, Mime and certainly will reach the masses of large and diverse the context of the civilized to take advantage of the strategic location of the center, this ensures greater interaction and the success of this
global cultural event.

This festival is organized by : Esmo Eh…? contemporary performing arts Crew

This event ia part of the global celebrations ( 100TMC & MasterPeace ) which includes a range of Mime, music and poetry are held in many cities, in all over the world, on 21 and 29 September; to promote social and environmental change to achieve political peace.


100 thousand Mime change (100TMC)


(100TMC – Egy) includes more than 15 Mime show on 5 nights in Cairo :

Aug. 12 at Karma ben Hanei Cultura Center ( Mimes for Family )
Sep. 06 at Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center ( Mimes vs. Violence )
Sep. 15 at Sehemi House ( Original Mime )
Sep. 21 at Rawabet Space ( Peace Day Celebration )
Sep. 29 at EL-Hanager Arts Center ( 100TMC )

Crew :

Organization / Ahmed Boraie
Theater director / Hadeer Fayez
Assistant organization / SafaaYahya
Technical Director / Abu Bakr El-Sharif

Participating artists :

Mustafa Hozyen
Ahmed Nagdy (Oscar)
Mohammad Abdullah
Ahmed Boraie
Walid Zarkany

Partners :

Affairs Cultural production Sector
Cultural Development Fund
Esmo Eh …? for Contemperary Performance Arts
Hangers Center for the Arts
Sehemi House
Town House for Contemporary Art
Rawabet Space
Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center
Karma ben Hanei Cultura Center

For more information :

33570790 / 01116683507


Organizer: Tutti Safrote (Ahmed Borai)

Contact: mr_ahmed_boraei@yahoo.com

Includes 100 Thousand Mimes for Change and 100 Thousand Musicians for Change

On Facebook


Aug. 12 at Karma ben Hanei Cultura Center ( Mimes for Family )

Mimes 4 Family (HD)



Sep. 06 at Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center ( Mimes vs. Violence )





1:00pm until 2:00pm in UTC+03
Opera Metro station
فى اطار فاعليات ( 100TMC-Egy ) :

تقام مبادرة

No Harassment .. No Begging

لا للتحرش .. لا للتسول

خامس فاعليات مهرجان 100TMC-Egy

مستنينكم الساعه 1.. الاثنين 24 سبتمبر .. بمحطة مترو الاوبرا

لو جاى و ماتعرفش الطريق :

اركب مترو من اى مكان .. انزل محطة الاوبرا .. دور علينا هناك .. هتلاقينا

نوعدكم بيوم مميز و ممتع و مليئ بالفن و المرح
( ارجوكم هاتوا الاطفال معاكوا )


ينظم هذه الاحتفاليه :
فريق : اسمه ايه …؟ لفنون الاداء المعاصره
بالتعاون مع :
الاداره العامه لتشغيل و ادارة مترو القاهره


( 100 الف مايم للتغيير – مصر )

هو أول حمله دوليه مستقله لفنون التمثيل الصامت تقام فى مصر ، بالتعاون مع بعض من أهم المؤسسات الثقافية ؛ بهدف زيادة مساحة التعبير لفنانى التمثيل الصامت لتوصيل اراءهم وافكارهم المعاصرة للمجتمع و المشاركة سويا فى تنفيذ عروضهم على خشبة المسرح او في الهواء الطلق , و إشتراك الجمهور مع المؤدين فى اكبر حدث لفن المايم بطريقة جديدة ؛ للمساعده فى تغيير الطريقة التي نرى بها مجتمعنا المحلي و العالمي ؛ لتحقيق السلام.

تقام هذه الاحتفاليه كجزء من احتفالات 100TMC و MasterPeace العالميتين التى تضم مجموعة من عروض المايم و الموسيقى و الشعر تقام في العديد من المدن، في جميع أنحاء العالم، يوم 21 و 29 سبتمبر ؛ للترويج لتغيير اجتماعي و بيئي و سياسي لتحقيق السلام.

ماستر بيس MasterPeace

100 الف مايم للتغيير 100TMC


لمزيد من المعلومات
01116683507 – 01004142071

لو عايز تعرف اكتر عن فريق : اسمه ايه …؟
ممكن تبص بصه على


Within the framework of the figures (100TMC-Egy):

Held Initiative :

No Harassment .. No Begging

Fifth figures 100TMC-Egy Festival

Mstninkm 1 pm .. Monday, September 24 .. Opera Metro station

We promise you this day will be more memorable and full of fun and art and joy for all of you

(Please Bring your children with you)
If you do not know the way:

Ride the Metro from anywhere .. Down Opera station .. Look for us there .. you will find us

We will wait you on 24.Sep
1:00 pm

for free


Mime Show for Change in Cairo under ground metro station report from aswatmasriya website

Egyptian Theater Day Calibration

Mimes 4 Share – Main Event


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