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100 Thousand Poets for Change 2012

Exquisite Corpse Poems

Collaborative Poems Written by Several Attendees

I suddenly realized
I had not spoken
My word to others
In over a year.
A great steely tentacle
Silky and wrathful.
I like skating and I like cats.
My arm hurts
For darn sure, nerves on alert
Off ramp fully bad posture
Snapping bones like a snap shot captures light through the aperture.
And leaves a hole
Gaping in reality.
Implosion, the collapse is radical
The stars leave gaps in the night
Blackness as the base,
Sparkles in the eyes.
The madness comes
From wondering origins demise.
The lies breed inside resigned
Un-risen and unclimbed.
How high can
The lowly go?
Day by day primed
To be fined & thrown.

Last night I dreamt I woke up
And my face was smashed in-
Teeth bent & mouth swollen.
I looked it up in my dream book
And it seemed to suggest
I have difficulty communicating.
What is it coming to
And how
Oh brother how are we
Expected to cope, to live?
When we really have so much to give.
We should give most of it away
And exclaim as we play in the rain:
“Why is the raven like a writing desk!?”
The man he was crazy, see!
I tried to tell you before, but no one listens to me
Honestly, if it were up to me I’d have the fella committed
But really we have more similarities than I would have formerly admitted.
The overlap of times and minds
And memories that are only fun in retrospect
Are to hold onto like chickens and hens
In the mist of Jupiter’s incense.

Never was one for reason
But treason?
Treason suits me just fine.
Who is to say nowadays
What does define a crime
Why can’t the sentence end…
When all I wanted was jujubes
And pretty flowers to open my mind
Like dandelions
Blown all over
The air.
So sweet and ticklish.
Smiling and lying
Finding no problem in the day
Playing through life like it is a masquerade
I’m traipsing on eggshells, façade so thin
If you see through the plastic, I might fade into nothing.

They found him teeth up
Half in the ditch
Half on the road.
Her blue eyes glowed
Kiss her on the lips like the princess and toad.
I like cats
And cats like me
But the artist in me says
Not to be bossed by a furry friend.
He said, “Lend me your claws and I’ll (k)need you instead.”
And my response
Was to question responsibility.
His monster gaze
Praising amazement,
Gazing aloft and shouting bereavement
Wild hair shorn.
I am born
In a torn scenario.
I grow
In an apocalypse.
At war with a Cyclops
Throwing stones rocks,
The foundation nation.

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