Poetry through Photography

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Panagiotis Theotokis Lakkas: panoslakkas@gmail.com

Nana Nestoros: nananestoros@hotmail.gr

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22 Sept -29 Sept 2012

Location: Art Center (free entrance)

There will be an exhibition of photography having as a subject the new phenomenon of homeless and poor people in Greece. A full photo-reportage made by Panagiotis on the streets of the city. Before the exhibition, the poets will share the photos and they will write poems for each one… so , the photos will be exhibited with the poems respectively.

Additionally , those days, we may organize a charity event for the homeless, with the aid of the Greek Rescue Team.
Also, Panagiotis and his team is preparing a special short film about this purpose, referring to the homeless.

More about Panagiotis Theotokis Lakkas – 100 Thousand Photographers For Change, press here

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