Brockport, New York

Organizer: Karla Linn Merrifield


Organizer: Dwain Wilder


Come Celebrate 100 Thousand Poets for Change at Lift Bridge Books, Brockport, NY!*
/Guerilla Poets to Take Over the Sidewalk Outside Famous Book Store/ – Lift Bridge Books <>

*Saturday, September 28, 2012*
*10:00-11:00AM – Java Junction* (across the street from Lift Bridge Books)

Meet, scheme, lay plans and connive to create improvisational group poetry. Poets experienced in these methods will be on hand, so show up even if you feel like a tyro at spontaneous poetry! It will be fun, and that I guarantee (few things in life – and poetry – are guaranteed!)

*11:00-12:00AM – Lift Bridge Books*.

Convene on the sidewalk in front of the store and, using sidewalk chalk (don’t worry, we have a private stash!), scribe hilarious, serious (but hardly somber) verses, committing public guerilla poetry for the edification and enjoyment of one and all!

*What to Bring: *Open mind (natch!), sidewalk chalk (we already have plenty, though), pets welcome (we might have to get a sidewalk table at Java Junction). Also, don’t bring any prepared ideas! Emptiness is all, when it comes to spontaniety!

*Contact*: Brockport, NY Dwain Wilder 585 288 5031

Please forward to any poets and dramatists who play well with others!

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