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Norristown PA To Participate In Largest Poetry Event In History.
Norristown PA, September 14, 2012: On September 29, 2012 Norristown PA will join the 2nd annual global event:100 thousand Poets for Change. Nearly 700 events are planned worldwide in over 115 countries, allsimultaneously taking place on Sept 29th. NSF’s Artist Against Violence Movement (Gravity), Family in Christ Outreach Ministries and Peace on the Streets are calling on 100,000 concerned citizens & poets to participate in the largest poetry event in history, surpassing last year’s event which included events held in 95 countries.

This event unites poets, musicians and artist to call for change socially, environmentally and politically. 100 thousand Poets for Change attempts to join communitiestogether for one day to celebrate poetry, art, and music,and deliver a message to work toward peace and affirmative change. Norristown PA will focus on anti-violence as a primary theme, inspired by the senseless violence and bloodshed Norristown has seen in recent months.

Peace on the streets is a grassroots organization that promotes peace through performing Arts. This organization collaborates with local organizations in communities that have been plagued with bloodshed and violence. Emery Moore of Peace on the Streets is the organizer for 100 Thousand Poets for Change in Norristown. Currently Moore is responsible for events in 3 cities on the East Coast & one in the Mid-West.

For more information on 100 thousand Poets for Changeand how you can be apart, please visit:

Family in Christ Outreach Ministry includes a range of Christian artist and entertainers that travel the north east sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Recently Family in Christ has partnered with New Start Foundation’s (NSF)Artist against Violence Movement (Gravity) opening up a division in Norristown PA. This nonprofit organization utilizes the entertainment community to capture the attention of violent youth and young adults.

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