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CONTACT: Laiptuose@gmail.com

100 Thousand Poets, Artists, Performers, Musicians for Change

Lithuania is going to take part in the international, “100 Thousand Poets for Change” event!
Reading poetry, performing, dancing will occur in Kaunas on September 28, 2013 at Kaunas Fluxus Ministry.

Saturday, September 28th from 4:00 pm to 24:00 pm at Kaunas Fluxus ministry (Jonavos str. 3, Kaunas).

The “100 Thousand Poets for Change 2013” project will be the largest, single poetry reading in the history of the world. This event will also be archived, recorded and stored at Stanford University in California. This is a celebration of Poetry and the Arts as an essential part of global cultural heritage and vitality. Essential mission is to turn the narrative of civilizations towards peace, democracy and sustainability.

This born-global interactive event is free and open to the public. Notable, avant-garde, creative and interesting Lithuanian artists, poets, scientists, writers, and musicians will attend the event by sharing their art. Though the list of attendees is expected to enlarge, the following Lithuanian artists have agreed to take part in the event so far:

Rolandas Rastauskas, Audronė Urbonaitė, Jaras Ramūnas, Sara Poisson, Dainius Sobeckis, Jūratė Rekevičiūtė, Redas Diržys, Inga Uus, Danielius Milašauskas, Daiva Po, Vytautas Balsys, Ramutis Karmalavičius, Kaunas contemporary Dance Theatre “Aura” (choreographer and director Birutė Letukaitė), Skaidrius Kandratavičius, Gvidas Latakas and many more to come.

Artists, performers, writers are still invited to register and make a performance at the event in the Kaunas Fluxus Ministry.

You are invited to Kaunas to listen, read, reflect, perform and be a part of a global new-minded art community!

One will have an opportunity to acquire a favorite artist’s artifact on the site directly from the author.

The event shall be held essentially in Lithuanian, the authors are free to choose the format of expression, language and the level of sophistication of their narratives.

Daiva Po, Executive Event Initiator and Coordinator in Kaunas, Lithuania

CONTACT: Laiptuose@gmail.com

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