Ellis Ebakor-Warri, Nigeria 2013

ORGANIZER: Ellis Ebakor

CONTACT: paulawhite4real@gmail.com

::: 100 Thousand Poets for Change event in Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria!

“I had a grand aunt whose name was Bicycle, I had a aunt was name was Goldpin, I had a uncle whose name was Appeal-court, I have cousins whose fathers name was Airoplane, Amerika, Goldcoast, I am an Ijaw man from Niger delta Nigeria, I have a right to citizenship of my father land! I’ll never agree to the oppression of being relegated to be a second class citizen in my beloved country because of tribal lordship!! I am a Nigerian with equal right like Kayode, Mohamed, Chukwuemeka etc I have the right to aspire to be President of Nigeria!!! I should be judged based on the content of my character and not by my tribe or region.. As long as Nigeria remains our country we must strive to eradicate the wicked ideology of tribal/religion supremacy”— Ellis Ebakor

:: 100 Thousand Poets for Change!
Poetry is a way of life whereby words are strategically used to paint a vivid picture of one’s feelings/ situation.. The deep inner thought of the writer who in his solitude attempts to escape from reality, but in actual sense with his words begins an awakening to an actuality::

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