Ava Bird-Sunday October 13-Berkeley, California 2013


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Thousand POETS for CHANGE!
The Berkeley Blast!
Sunday October 13th, 2013 – 10-13-13
The Universalist Unitarian
1924 Cedar St
Berkeley, CA



~ poetry, music, community, fun!
~ community potluck, feel free to bring healthy,conscious food to share
~ featuring many great poets and musicians
~ open mic as time and space allows
~ eulogy for h.d. moe, classic berkeley poet
~ FREE event, donations requested to Social Justice Committee
~ costume party! dress up as your favorite revolutionary!
~ special guests!

In honor of the many revolutionary changes happening all over the omniverse and here on sacred Mother Earth, we will celebrate being alive in the present and being part of this magnificent shift!
There is so much to be proud of, honor and celebrate in this great community of poets, as many of the greats have soaked in the Berkeley vibes having had profound, transformative, transcendental experiences in this special part of the bay.

100 Thousand Poets for Change was created not far from the Berkeley blue skies and sunshine, in Guerneville, CA and we will have the honor of having the founders present for this event and they will share the story of the great success and unprecedented, explosive growth of the movement of 100TPC*. Poets are, indeed, changing the world!

The Social Justice Committee of BFUU (berkeley fellowship of universalist unitarians) will graciously host this momentous, special event. For many years, the BFUU has been an important anchoring part of the community and provides a great gathering space for a diverse, open, thoughtful and radical group of progressive, open-minded citizens. BFUU is a ‘progressive, spiritual community that stands proudly for social justice’ & is a perfect complement for 100thousand poets for change, with their focus on positive yet radical and responsible change.
We will host a large, festive potluck for this occasion in gratitude for the gifts of the harvest season and the abundance of Mother Earth; feel free to bring a healthy, conscious dish to share with your friends and neighbors!

Costume party! Dress up/costume as your favorite revolutionary! (optional)

sponsored by NEW WAY MEDIA FEST!


david madgalene
terri carrion
vic sadot
kirk lumpkin
valerie ibarra
marvin r. hiemstra
dan brady
holly harwood
paul matzner
james johnson
michael rothenberg
terry adams
kayla sussell
boundless gratitude
david james randolph
+special guests!

**Produced by Ava Bird, 100Thousand Poets for Change

*** sponsored by New Way Media Fest

* Stanford University has agreed to archive the events of 100Thousand Poets for Change. This movement is considered to be socially, universally relevant and historically important. This event may be video taped and archived. The mission of 100TPC is to elevate and celebrate shared poetry that focuses on positively evolutionary social, environmental, economic and political CHANGE. For Real.

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