Mark James -Louisville, Kentucky 2013



Saturday, September 28
Night of the Hundredth Monkey
Open Gallery
2801 S. Floyd St
$10, 7 pm
What do 100 Thousand Poets, a group
of monkeys from the 1950’s and a
bushel of yams have in common? Maybe
nothin, less you jive to the hip speak
of a new world comin. That’s right,
the Night of the Hundredth Monkey
is an evening of smashing, clashing, and
paradigm crashin performances spun
to fast forward the human race on our
evolution to a greater potential. What? You
want that in plain talk – here goes: join a variety
of local poets, spoken wordsmiths, musicians,and
visual artists as they grace their audience with
original works selected to inspire change.
That’s right, they’re comin out to rally with thousands
of others worldwide on September 28 as a part of the
100 Thousand Poets for Change global initiative.
Money raised here is going to support Louisville Grows, a
local project promoting sustainability and building community gardens. As the Buddha says “it is our mind
that creates this world” and this crew
aims to be your personal mind mechanic,
not gonna twist it, just shift it…

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