Dream Traverlers-New York Surrealist Group-New York, New York 2013

Organized by Valery Oisteanu
Contact: zendadanyc@earthlink.net>

100 Thousand Poets for Change:
New York Surrealist Group PASS

Organized by Valery Oisteanu

100 TPC 2013 sidewalk cafe event poems final


“Dream Travelers” final list:

1. MC Valery Oisteanu
2. David Cieri (piano)
3. Ron Kolm
4. Shelly Miller
5. Larisa Shmailo
6. Alan Graubard
7. Max Blagg
8. Ilka Scobie
9. Tom Walker
10.Ronnie Norpel
11.Steve Dalachinsky
12.Yuko Otomo
13.David St.Lascaux
14.Barry Wallenstein
15.Thad Rutkovski
16.Peter Carlaftes
17.Jeff Wright
18.John Bennett

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