100 Thousand Mimes for Change-Cairo, Egypt 2014

ORGANIZER: Ahmed Boraei
CONTACT: mr_ahmed_boraei@yahoo.com




Download the document file: 100 TMC EN-2

(From street heart)

A brief history of the project:

100 Thousand Mimes for Change Is the first international independent festival of MIME arts takes place in Egypt, held in cooperation with some of the most important cultural institutions; in order to increase the area of expression for artists mime to communicate their opinions and ideas of contemporary society and to participate together in the implementation of their presentations to the theaters and open spaces to help change the way we see the local community and the world.

Project Description:

100 Thousand Mimes for Change Is an independent initiative launched by a group of artists and poets in the U.S. (led by: Michael Rothenberg, Terri Carrion) on September 24, 2011 under the title of poet 100 thousand for Change (100TPC), and the result was the biggest event in the history of poetry.

In September 29, 2012 (100 thousand poets for change) invited mime artists and poets and musicians to participate in celebrations in many cities, all over the world, at the same time and date on stage or in the open air to promote social environmental and policy change and peace.

Here in Egypt We held a project (100TMC) and we invited all mime artists and some cultural institutions to collaborate in the silent artistic celebration; in order to participate the audience with the performers in the biggest Mime event in a new way; to say that we have a voice, and we care about the future of this country.

The reasons for the establishment of the project:

After the major political changes taking place in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world, there is a strong need in the region for the arts festival specializes in mime to highlight the work of artists of Mime in Egypt.
It’s a great opportunity to reach the public in new ways with the expansion in the discovery of different art forms, especially in the art of mime.

The main objective:

Put the mime art at the center of artistic and cultural dialogue in Egypt


1 – Presence a new generation of Egyptian Mime artists on a high degree of intellectual, cultural and technical maturity.
2 – Helping people to understand Mime as an important part of the Egyptian cultural heritage.
3 – Provide new and high quality of mime performances that will be challenge for Mime Artists.
4 – Deployment of a state of enlightenment, cultural, social and political awareness to different layers of people.

Project methodology:

* Select the team work (Officials and volunteers)
* choose 3 Mime performances projects for perform it 6 times in street and open air
* Production the selector projects in range of per one.
* Provision of technical equipment, a place for rehearsals and assistants.
* provided that the project idea is linked to slogan of third session of the festival ( from street heart )
* The performance must not less than 5 minutes and not more than 20 minutes with a maximum of three actors.
* Choice of projects participate by presentation to the selection committee ( mime artist – set designer – art critic)

* 1\7     Open call
* 1\8     Deadline to Participate
* 15\8   Announce the selected projects
* 24\8   Start rehearsals (3 hours per day for 5 days per week )
* 27\9   First day in Opera metro station
* 4\10   Second day in Shobra Alkhima
* 11\9   Third day in Ard-allewa
* 18\10   Fourth day in Provinces
* 25\10   Fifth day in Provinces
* 1\11    Sixth day in Provinces
* 7\11    open workshop – first day
* 8\11    open workshop – second day
* 15\11   receipt the final report from participant artists

Results and outputs of the project:

Produce 3 mime performances (from street heart) performed in streets and open air through 6 days in Cairo and provinces.

Project place:

We are now witnessing the growth of independent art in Egypt and the Arab world and Cairo is strategic location for many independent cultural institutions.

We believe that Cairo is the ideal choice for a festival such as 100TMC that brings mime artists together and will surely reach large and diverse audience.
And under the direction of the festival team towards encourage artists to come out of the capital towards Provinces and countryside, will be tour in three provinces to perform Mime in squares, and This will guarantee greater interaction of resources and success of this global cultural

Project start date July 2014
Project finish date December 2014

Website:  https://100tpcmedia.org/100TPC2012/2012/08/100tmc-egy/

facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/100tmc.egy


Project Manager: Safaa Mohammadi

Phone: 01004142071

E-mail: artist_safaa_yehia@yahoo.com





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