Agnese Monaco-Rome, Italy 2014

ORGANIZER: Agnese Monaco



Agnese Monaco born in Rome in July 1979. Writer, Poet, Painter and musician. Registered to Siae, Dor and Olaf. A graduate in Letters h.c. She wrote books of poetry, novels, Fables, musical texts, working with big names of Italian music scene, for Teathe two comedies, including(Cambia Canale) and a short film (Redini di vita) on the possible causes of depression. We also remember the experimentation in Oxymorons, paradoxes, Haiku, aphorisms, essays, Reviews, translated  in English, French and Spanish with Italian and foreign publications. She is present in literary world since 1996. She won many competitions in Italy & Outside in Europe & USA. We including in that : Premio Alto Patrocinio Croce Rossa Italiana , Premio Internazionale di Poesia Coluccio Salutati. Editor’s Choice Award by & The International Library of Poetry – 2007 -(USA), First Place Concorso Internazionale “Po & siA -Meltin’Books, She receives the certificate of merit issued by the OPE (European Parliamentary monitoring centre and the Council of Europe), for professionalism and valuable cooperation for the success of the contest. In the 2011comes out his book “ E’ solo l’inizio”, a collection of poems. She competed with her paintings in numerous exhibitions of painting in Italy and abroad. Its versatility is also in painting and sculpture, creating innovative new styles including mosaics, copper reliefs and other works. Her paintings are often in various Exhibitions in Italy, Europe and worldwide. Candidate in 2013 to help animals and nature in two Municipalities of Rome. She Writes and speaks in English, Spanish and Italian. In her spare time she loves to study other languages. She is always careful to protect animals and to volunteer in fact she often gave his contributions to these causes.

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