Elynn (Lynn) Alexander- Easton, Pennsylvania 2014

ORGANIZER: Elynn (Lynn) Alexander

CONTACT:  Website  Our Local Event Page/Blog: Here Photos, Graphics, More.

Join a community of poets, musicians, activists, community organizers, and artists at the 100 TPC event sponsored by Words In The Ward, 18042. The event will be held in a community “pocket park” reclaimed from blight and neglect and transformed by volunteers into a beautiful public space in the West Ward community of the city of Easton.

Recently, local residents have been stunned by incidents of violence and vandalism, including in this very park. The problems of our city- as in every city- are complicated. There are many ways to attack the problems of poverty, transportation, blight, drugs, inequity, housing, services, and more. Committed, dedicated activists have been meeting and working on a range of problems, unwilling to let the positive aspects be forgotten by the negative headlines. Another part of this is to support and foster the arts and the expression of ideas. We are a city of galleries, readings, murals, public art and diverse culture. We are a growing, thriving city with arts festivals, farmer’s markets, community gardens, urban agriculture, museums and colleges, and more.

Get in touch if you would like to join us, all are welcome. September 28, 2014 6:00 Lot Spot @Northampton Street.

We also have a blog specifically for our local 100TPC events! here.  You will find more detailed information like directions, accommodations, and more. All ages. Pet friendly. (leashed) Chairs and blankets welcome.



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