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100TPC Annual Poetry Reading holds in Abuja

As announced by the Chairman, ANA Abuja, the Abuja branch of Nigeria’s formost writers’ body will collaborate with the 100thousand Poets for Change (100tpc), Abuja to celebrate the annual 100tpc poetry reading event holding worlwide. Abuja’s version comes up as follows;

Theme: Peace for sustainable.
Date: Sat. 27th September, 2014
Time: 11am
Venue: Savannah Suites Hotel, Area 3, Garki-Abuja.

Restoring peace for our nation via poetry. Come prepared to read for peace. JOIN US!

Ana Abuja
Emmanuel Ojukwu
Salamatu Sule
Halima M. Usman
Om’Oba Jerry Adesewo

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Address presented by Eriata Oribhabor on the occasion of100TPC, Abuja 2014 Annual Poetry reading event

When President Barak Obama became the President of the US, many with evil agenda expected him to act, “Their scripts.” He was almost becoming a victim of that “Script”. Now wiser, he is playing the trueAmerican who couldn’t compromise the peace, security and progress oAmerica and her people for cheap sentiments. It takes patriotism to demonstrate this. As America individuals or collective, reasoning this way will see peace centre-staging in whatever say or do for the good of our world.

When President Goodluck Jonathan was elected the President andCommander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic ofNigeria, Nigerians expected freshened air palpable in our body polity. Although his body language isn’t speaking the contrary, his “freshScript” seems to run contrary to “their script”. From the North-East to South East, south West to North West and South South to North Central, our nation bathes in self-inflicted crises tearing us apart.The more “hate” and “Pretender preachers” gain ground, ill-gotten resources are being redeployed in promoting unhealthy “scripts”. The question is; if “their scripts” are right and patriotic, should we be in tears? Why are our people being wasted like we used to hear happen in other lands? Are we better off now than before? Are we betteren lightened as a people ready to harness her richness in diversity for harmony and development?

Gathering today in Abuja wouldn’t have been contemplated few months back when the spate of bombings by the popular BH was a major concern.Compared to worse-hit/crises ridden places in Nigeria, the city ofAbuja is peaceful. Notwithstanding, let’s for a moment reflect on the mindless killings in Maiduguri, Yobe, Adamawa, Nasarawa, etc. Let’s imagine that we are amongst the internally displaced persons suffering nationwide. We won’t hesitate to conclude that lack of good governance and peace are central to our woes. Today, its my pleasure to intimate you of the uniqueness of 100tpc; a non-governmental literary pressure group committed to deploying poetry and the arts to drive and sustain peace for the advancement of societies world wide. Members of this group are expected to get to relevant government authorities via their crafts. Also, please be informed that, today, the city of Abuja is united with over 500 cities conducting more than 700 events, in over 105 countries. Started in 2011, the enthusiasm and understanding is greater than the previous years. All over the world, there are more posters, videos, and plans for future events. For example, there are plans to start the 100tpc in Ikorodu, Lagos-Nigeria.

Making a statement for peace is a noble venture. Only in peace can we think straight for the ordering of societies. Only in peace can we conquer our environments to enjoy its bounties. Please see your selves as moral consciences in wherever you represent. As poets, writers, etc., we musn’t fail to provide the rudder where one seems to be absent. To be a good speaker or writer is wonderful but we shall be judged not on how well we speak or write but how well we demonstrated what we said or wrote. Let’s be actors/workers for peace not talkers and lackluster players always scheming to maintain a status-quo that promotes a narrow agenda.

At this juncture, I sincerely laud the organizer, 100tpc Abuja, Ag,CP, Emmanuel Ojukwu and members of the 100tpc Abuja for coming out loudly for peace. By this development, the FCTA authorities should appreciate poets for change as partners in building peaceful communities in Abuja and Nigeria. I look forward to bigger events where government functionaries will physically partner with 100tpc.

Eriata Oribhabor

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