Poet On Watch- Solidarity Reading-Newark, New Jersey 2014

ORGANIZER: Poet On Watch

CONTACT: poetonwatch55@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/285869398286123/



As apart of 100 thousand poets for change come on out and be apart of our body liberation! TONGUE: A Political Erotic Reading Series by Poet On Watch & Friends/ Wednesday, Sept 24, 2014 at Gallery Aferro 73 Market Place, Newark, NJ SHOW TIME: 7PM to 10PM OPEN MIC SIGN UP 7:30PM Sharp 12 OPEN MIC SPOTS FOR PERFORMERS. COVER: FREE with a suggested donation of pay what you can at the door.


Poet On Watch (P.O.W.), our modern day literary griot/ fearless ritualistic poet/soulful shaman strategically moves us to that sacred place of bearing witness to the power of sexual/racial/political difference as she invokes the authority of her individualization across the landscape of North America—her spunk, her grit, her “girl I’ll drink your bath water” blues-speak lilts—impassionedly bears witness to human transformation with her new mixed media, book and CD release entitled “Sageburner Simple Pleasure”. More importantly, Poet On Watch brings into the conversation new notions, approaches and conceptions of happiness. She is a social commentator, using mixed media and chants to call forth her righteousness—erotically intoned—her transcendental visions, and her call for a better humanity.http://www.poetonwatch.com/


Ms. JanTina Parker from Jersey City, NJ. Ms. Parker illuminates the world of exotic dance with her gift of movement lyricism and poetics. Her graduate thesis the Turned Book and Off-Broadway Burlesque Musical “Silhouettes” takes you through a semi autobiographical journey of a exotic dancer homage to women throughout history. This event is FREE with a suggested donation of PAY WHAT YOU CAN to support the reading series and the writers.


My name is Tito Rodriguez aka DJ soul medic, raised in Hells Kitchen NYC (better known as Times Square Area). I come from a very humble but very proud Ecuadorian family. My parents immigrated to this country and were both factory workers. Where my 1st influence to music comes from is my dad. We would listen mainly to Salsa ,Mambo, Guaguanco, Cumbia, Boleros…Not much of anything else. I became a NYC EMT/Paramedic which I have been doing for almost 20+yrs, but something has been missing. My life has been missing the feeling of sharing my soul with others. I feel we do this through poetry, music and spinning sounds.. Look forward to sharing my love for house music with you during the TONGUE reading series. So come on out. Tito (Soul Medic) https://soundcloud.com/soul-medic


TONGUE: A Political Erotic Reading Series, creates a space for queering the erotic, the spiritual, the sensual and the political. This 12 month reading and workshop series lends itself to enhancing the craft of queer poets, writers, visual artist, community members and allies with a place to publish and showcase the performing, visual, written and spoken word. Through communal workshops and monthly readings, TONGUE, embodies an inclusive and challenging space for queer poets, writers visual artist, audience members and allies to share with intention, their voice, truths and writing power with Gallery Aferro, Freeverse Publishing and the state of New Jersey.


One who takes issue with much of what might be considered traditional morality in the US and creates a distinctly American form of erotic visual performance literature which she or he draws from the different ethnic, religious and cultural strains of our society, creating contrasts of pleasure, desire, celebration of the body and pain as well as guilt, resentment and deprivation. Recognizing that one can easily lose themselves in the erotic fantasies, the imagery and the heat of the prose . This valuable form of writing and visual art is an important part of culture and the human experience. TONGUE, takes us to the intersection of our desires and our political beliefs; while re-imagining government, religion, bedroom politics and sexual partners.

This event is sponsored in part by Gallery Aferro, Freeverse Publishing, Media Arts & Literacy Institute and Brick City Development.

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