Matteo Rimi-Lo Stato della Poesia-Fiesole, Italy 2015

ORGANIZER: Matteo Rimi- Lo Stato della Poesia


On October the 10th 2015, in the wonderful location of the historical Park of Villa Demidoff in Vaglia – Firenze, Matteo Rimi and Associazione Artisti Fiesolani created an event of art, music and poetry! Promoting the key concepts of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change – Peace, Sustainability and Justice -, during the exposition of the Artists Francesco Beccastrini, Franco Bulletti, Paolo Catelani, Alessandro Ciappi, Roberto Coccoloni, Roberto D’Angelo, Alessandro Goggioli, Mario Meoni, Carlo Nannini, Andrea Prosperi and Vittorio Vannini, we had the Poetic Reading “POETI AL PARCO” by Kiki Franceschi, Barbara Cascini, Renzo Scatarzi and Matteo Rimi and the musical performance “MUSICA DAL CUORE” by Edit Conczili, Eleonora Tassinari and Luca di Volo.
Photos by Roberto D’Angelo and Valerio Mirannalti


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