Noelia Arancibia Flores-3 Events: Coimbra, Portugal and Sucre Bolivia 2015

ORGANIZER: Noelia Arancibia Flores





EVENT 1: These are pictures from our first event of september 26th 2015 in Biafra Bambolé Bar in Coimbra. There was an intercultural and really international atmosphere, we listened to poetry in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Quechua, Creole, and Japanese. We also had international musicians, from India Mikhail Carvalho, from Brasil Lucas Kruger, and many readings of the Portuguese poet Fernando Carlos (Lobo), Filipe Furtado and the bolivian poet Noelia Arancibia. We also heard the voices of the young public reading their favorites authors and the special participation of Robert Martins, the owner of the bar.

EVENT 2: Coimbra, Portugal


EVENT 3: Organized by Noelia Arancibia Flores in December in Bolivia

Here are pics from the 3rd event organized in Bolivia with Poesia Boliviana Itinerante which is represented by the Bolivian poet Victor Paz Irusta, and 100 TPC which is represented by the bolivian poet Noelia Arancibia Flores. The photographer is Marco Santizo from Guatemala and the videos were made by Jorge Daniel Moreno from Paraguay.

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