Thomas Hibbard-Hartland, Wisconsin 2015

ORGANIZER: Thomas Hibbard



…in this emotional place
I’ll encounter my end and my beginning

-Mahmoud Darwish

winter approaching
its lonely emptiness
paints the end of time
earth tones

such darkness
where a light remains shining
in the rational garden
in the hollow landscape of years
heavy with leaves
blowing in lateness
the grey tormenting
solitary journey
of nameless exile

night of deception
the swirling winds
a significant pillow of stars
spills with teeth of sorrow
devouring complex flesh
piercing with obesity
the obscene armor of impatience
bubbling with time
the corrupt hoarders
ordained with need
divine beings
find a home

triumph of midnight
the prompt promise of sky
fights off drowsiness
dampness answers shivering hearts
with puzzling lights on the opposite shore
always dropping down
heaven is no paradise
where cynicism usurps space
where disaster is born
like a heaven that lost its two moons
on the asphalt road
triumph of midnight

partial day
cold day
rain and wind
frozen soil
dead landscape

I will never again see
the sunken wall in the park
the second-hand ocean
with the intense peace
of ancient mystery
the confusing hoax persuaded
you are the city
only hiding they arrested
far from the crest
of the last tall building
refugees joyfully bearing misery
in the brown fogs of twilight
o community which
banished caesuras between
the four rivers of silence

protecting straight trillions
overgrown deftly
symbolic poison
wandering symphony
from wasted distinction
unspeakable saga
stereotypical war
it’s difficult for you
o chaotic forest
to embrace a child

at ground zero
i don’t want employment’s
disproportionate truth
your eroding fall
captured on camera
lineage of restless dust
long ago humanity
knew only objects
for we have only ourselves
idol on idol
temple on temple
to blame for the repellant
illusion of mankind

separate and alone
opposites have no interest
in the possibility of pretexts
rejecting the struggle
the lucid abstractions
that do not abdicate glory
a mechanical dream
swallowed miniaturized decades
immediately in sand
the shameful echo of desperation
whose streets were once exalted
a psychotic theme
of endangered feelings
now because of the elements
privatizing reality
are all the same
sacrificing festive multiplicity
hurry to face
belittling once again
comic speech
and cuddly kittens

in the storm of nothingness
hunger crawls
up the mountain
on a stomach
exploding finally
in unbearable fishermen
the false is real
and the real is false
the symmetry of words
with back bent
has exceeded forever
the ordinary evenings
of the erotic cosmos

on the planet without force
left to workers
without binoculars of flags
you invited everyone
the fervent eyes
that gather bravery
could see no reflection
in rigged mirrors

rain batters the house
waves crash against breakwaters
shattering everything
along the nostalgic
levees of the coherent abyss
that you hold in your hand

in your garden of trees
there are no weeds
since loss is gain
the rotting houses
the mothers
of destroyed worlds
only the psychic flowers
of the sun’s equal portions
break upon the terror
walking amidst
the naked lightning
in seasons of injustice

–(for s. / 11/11)

we make heat
or the scary achievements
which the strangled vines hate
a forgotten hotel
thought turns
into tomorrow’s
distant hills

Esoteric Flight of the Mountain Birds – globalism- 1



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