Tikvah Feinstein -Taproot Writer’s Workshop Inc.-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2015

ORGANIZER: Tikvah Feinstein
CONTACT: taproot10@aol.com

Taproot Writer’s Workshop will sponsor a free public reading Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at noon at Laughlin Memorial Library, 11th Street, Ambridge, Beaver County, PA.


Taproot Writer’s Workshop Inc. of Ambridge, Pennsylvania, USA hosted a reading to promote positive change as part of a worldwide effort Saturday Sept. 26, 2015 at noon at Laughlin Memorial Library.

Our local writers and musicians’ voices are  in concert with voices all over the planet in a day of a worldwide push for positive sustainable change. Local voices and melodies merge with more than 570 creative writing and musical groups from 100 countries around the world celebrating  the 5th annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change Global 2015  event.

Ambridge writers Alicia Stankay , Marjorie DeAngelis, Bruce Midkiff, Sally Witt, CSJ ; Karen Petley and, Tikvah Feinstein.;   Aliquippa writer Joe Kaldon; Monaca writers Sara Davis and Faith Cataffa  read original work. Ambridge guitarist/singer Chuck Firkaly  sang and Ambridge guitarist David Cairns  performed original melodies. We heard CDs of singer Holly Matthias.

Laughlin Memorial Library Director Julie Mulcahy  had a birthday and couldn’t take part, but she’s the one to thank for use of the room.

Tikvah Feinstein, organizer of the event and director of Taproot Writer’s Workshop read the  poem “My Grandfather’s Gate” written by Deacon Harry L. Walter, who is presently a resident of Villa St. Joseph and could not attend.

The 100 Thousand Poets for Change organization Global was founded by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion of Sonoma County in 2011. It has become annual.

Disposable people

 Let’s build a memorial

to the oppressed.

 Let’s fill it with monuments

markers of dead baby girls

making room for brother,

of babies killed and trashed by

teenage parents too carefree to

care, mothers with nothing.,

of every man& woman killed by

spouse, lover,

of every man, woman and

child sacrificed

to ethnic cleansing,

of everyone who ever lived

or will live only to die

by the act of another –

whatever excuse.

Obelize the countless.

– Tikvah Feinstein

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