Fifth Annual 100,000 Poets for Change Kickoff

ORGANIZER: Frank Judge CONTACT:; 585-260-9005 RoPo logo 100

Join Rochester Poets on Sunday, September 20 for our FIFTH annual “100,000 Poets for Change” Kickoff. There are NO FEATURED performers. EVERYONE is “featured” — we welcome poets, musicians, singers, artists, photographers…you name it.

The event is basically an open mic for those who want to perform anything that in some way deals with the need for CHANGE in the United States and around the world, from global warming to war and occupation to minimum wage to national health, the treatment of veterans dating back to the Vietnam War, to fracking…the list is endless.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any work directly related to “change”! You’re free to perform whatever you’d like. AND, of course, we always want audience members. So feel free to join us whether you plan to perform or not. And SPREAD THE WORD! Also, if you represent a progressive cause devoted to change, feel free to bring along pamphlets, flyers, books…whatever. Tables will be available.

To find other 100TPC events throughout the state (and the world), go the national site maintained by the event founder, poet Michael Rothenberg: For more information on our event, view our public Facebook event invite at SPREAD THE WORD and invite your own FB friends!

See you on the 20th


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