Julia Ehemann – Melody Poetry Desire -Sydney, Australia 2015

ORGANIZER: Julia Ehemann

CONTACT: jeddesign@gmail.com


2015 Melody Poetry DesireAs part of the Manly Arts Festival, Desire Books are curating an afternoon of the best Live Music, Poetry and Spoken Word that Manly can offer.Following on from the spirit of our monthly open mic night ‘Bonfire at Desire’, Desire is throwing its doors open to musicians, poets and spoken word artists.

We present, a one off event ‘Melody Poetry Desire’, running from 2pm this Saturday September 26th, until 8pm.

Entry by donation

At Desire Books & Records, 3/3 Whistler Street, Manly

Line up & Bio’s available at this link –


2pm . Katy B Plummer & Andy Franks Open the Event
2.05. Hannah Darling – Live Music
2.25 . Sid Walls – Prose
2.30 . Taras – Live music
2.45 . Szymon Dorabialski – Poetry
2.50. Tree leaf – Live Music
3.05 . Andy Franks – Poetry
3.15. Rainee –Live Music
3.35 . Helen Lyne – Poetry
3.45 . MERPIRE – Live Music
4.05 . Troy Wong – Spoken Word
4.15 . Maia Jelavic – Live Music
4.35 . Jess Santosa – Spoken Word
4.45 . Dave Calandra – Live Music
5.05 . Philip Wilcox – Spoken Word
5.15 . Rowley – Live Music
5.35. Lorna Munro – Poetry
5.45 . Matt Direwolf – Live Music
6.05 . Juju – Poetry
6.10. Brendon Moon – Live Music
6.30. Chris Stewart – Live Music
6.45 . Black River Bell – Live Music
7.05 . Malachi – Live Music
7.20 . Ken Stewart (Urban Guerillas) – Live Music
7.35 . Scatterbrain and the BassShip – Live Music
7.50 . Thankyou & Close with Andy Franks & Julia Ehemann

We have registered our event ‘Melody Poetry Desire’ with 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Official), a global event this Saturday the 26th of September.
As well as with the Free Poetry Project collaborating with Writing through Fences.
Some poets on the day will share alongside their own writing, the writing of refugee’s in detention.
“We invite you to join us in freeing the voices of asylum seekers on 100 Thousand Poets for Change, a global event on 26 September.
FREE VOICES is a collaboration between
Free Poetry Project and Writing Through Fences,
a writing group whose members are writers, poets,
refugees, and asylum seekers in detention.
Free Poetry Project liberates the voices of asylum
seekers in detention centers by releasing their poems
in public spaces, in the hope of drawing Australia’s
attention to the voices of the vulnerable.
The Free Voices initiative forges a connection between
us and asylum seekers in detention, proving that no
border can get in the way of our shared humanity ”

2015 Melody Poetry Desire – Line up Announcement

As part of the Manly Arts Festival, Desire Books are curating an afternoon of the best Live Music, Poetry and Spoken Word that Manly can offer.
Following on from the spirit of our monthly open mic night ‘Bonfire at Desire’, Desire is throwing its doors open to musicians, poets and spoken word artists.

We present, a one off event ‘Melody Poetry Desire’, running from 2pm this Saturday September 26th, until 8pm.

At Desire Books & Records, 3/3 Whistler Street, Manly

Entry by Donation

2pm . Katy B Plummer & Andy Franks Open the Event

2.05. Hannah Darling – Live Music
Hannah Darling, gutsy vocals with guitar, noise maker extraordinare!

2.25 . Sid Walls – Prose
Sid Walls has contributed to journals in NZ, the UK, France and Canada. She runs Writers’ Rumble, a writing group at Desire Books and will be coordinating the Poets Corner for Book Expo Australia in October.

2.30 . Taras – Live music
Taras, born in Hawaii and raised in British Columbia Canada, is a lifetime blues/Americana guitarist and singer songwriter. With a sensitive and introspective side to his lyrics and vocals, he creates a unique blend with his hard hitting southern guitar style. Taras has performed up and down the west coast of North America, and simply put is a treat to sit back and listen to every time.

2.45 . Szymon Dorabialski – Poetry
Sydney based artist, poet and occasional performer.

2.50. Tree leaf – Live Music
A pianist/singer that draws inspiration from the likes of Kate bush, bjork and Regina spektor. She writes and performs songs based on the intricacies of love, spirituality and everyday life.

3.05 . Andy Franks – Poetry
First inspired to write poetry after long nights drinking coffee and eating toast listening to The Pop Group, A Certain Ratio and Prince Buster with fellow members of the Daffy Duck Commando Squad. His first poems were printed in Eastbourne’s seminal new wave fanzine Spectrum. He currently lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where he hosts a weekly radio show ‘London Calling’ on 2rrr, plays guitar in ‘The Freds’, recites his poetry on a regular basis at the Bonfire @ Desire evenings in Manly’s Desire Books.

3.15. Rainee – Live Music
Singer-songwriter Rainee shares a swag of her original, soulful songs. Best known for ‘Take Me As I Am’, her one-woman show about the songs and stories of Joni Mitchell, which she toured all over the country including at The National Folk Festival in Canberra. Rainee released her debut, self-titled EP last year and continues to gig regularly in venues around Sydney. With influences ranging from jazz to blues and folk; the resulting music combines Rainee’s soft spot for simple vintage sounds with her love for modern improvisation.

3.35 . Helen Lyne – Poetry
Former teacher of French, Helen Lyne studies Arabic, works as a film extra and writes wherever she happens to be: cafes in Paris, film sets in Sydney and sand dunes in the Sahara. The themes of her fiction and poetry focus on the droll and the dramatic in everyday life

3.45 . Merpire – Live Music
Cross between a singing, ukulele-playing mermaid and your everyday vampire, Merpire is the sound that singer/song-writer, Rhiannon has given life to. In 2012, Merpire released a self-titled, 7 track EP. Full of haunting melodies and intricate harmonies, Merpire takes you on a gentle journey that’s lost in time in the ebb and flow of heart-ache, the idea of love, death and the observations of humans. You can find Merpire EP at all major digital distributors. Beneath Dark Waves is Merpire’s latest release – a collection of love songs and stories written on ukulele. We hear an exploration and experimentation with different sounds, synths, guitar pedals and body percussion, which resonates with the growing maturity and unique style of Merpire’s voice. Mister Hurrahtio, the last song on the EP is a story of a man who collects pistachio shells. Merpire has brought this story to life with her first video clip that you can find on Youtube. Expect to see and hear an almost normal world, bent towards a rainbow of madness!

4.05 . Troy Wong – Spoken Word
Troy is an aspiring English teacher by day, spoken word poet by night, and NSW state finalist in the 2014 Australian Poetry Slam. Since his first performance in November 2013, he has been a regular in the Sydney spoken word circuit, performing at slams in Glebe, Wollongong, Bankstown, Parramatta, Granville, and Marrickville. He also co-runs the monthly Mars Hill Slam, and is currently conducting honours research on the use of spoken word for critical literacy in Australian high schools. When he isn’t doing spoken word, Troy enjoys adopting stray kittens, taking long walks along the beach, and punching people in the heart.

4.15 . Maia Jelavic – Live MusicMaia Jelavic falls somewhere within the wide world of folk music, a songwriter whose unique and intelligent lyrics leave you feeling breathless and amazed. Her songs are stories, full of colour and charm, enthralling the listener with lyrics that strike a chord in memories forgotten and treasured. Maia’s tunes revolve around a lot of arpeggio finger-picking goodness, and while the acoustic guitar is her instrument of choice she is regularly tempted to break out both the banjo and ukulele. Writing all of her own music and lyrics, Maia has recently recorded her debut EP, “The Less I See” which comprises 5 tracks and was released in September 2013.

4.35 . Jess Santosa – Spoken Word
Jess Santosa is a banana hybrid. A nationally recognised Performance Poet, she is also the Creative Producer of STREET SMARTZ, the Fusion Sydney South Youth Services YouTube channel, advocating to giving youth a voice.

4.45 . Dave Calandra – Live Music
After nearly twenty years working as a professional musician, it’s little wonder that Dave Calandra plays guitar like his life depends on it, and it’s also no accident that he writes songs that dwell in your subconscious for days at a time. His rugged vocals, fluid guitar-style and haunting compositions have been aptly described by industry veterans as sounding like Mark Knopfler and Kelly Joe Phelps covering the works of the late, great J.J. Cale.

5.05 . Philip Wilcox – Spoken Word
The current NSW champion for the Australian Poetry Slam. He is a regular feature poet at the various slams around Sydney, as well as performing at several festivals such as the Wollongong Writer’s Festival and the Newtown Festival. He is the co-founder and host of Three Poets Speak – a bimonthly event showcasing the best of Australian spoken word poetry. Philip is also a playwright; having co-written and directed the most successful production for the Fringe Comedy in 2013. Philip enjoys merging poetry and theatre in a way that tells the truth by wrapping it in lies, tricks and tall tales.

5.15 . Rowley – Live Music
Singer/songwriter: Tony Rowley, raised in New Zealand, now Sydney based, brings with him only a suitcase, his effects pedals and guitars, sporting his own breed of alternative folk rock. With edgy tenor vocals, his lyrics are introspective and he takes an honest look at the hard truths of coming of age and the realities of the world. Running hot off the energy of the release of his first single and music video ‘Snowman’ this May, he is now in the studio working on tracks for of his up-coming EP, to be released this summer. Rowley is fresh blood to the Sydney circuit and is breaking into the scene with a bang, watch this space!

5.35. Lorna Munro – Poetry
Lorna Munro is a proud, young Wiradjuri/ Gamilaroi woman. This dynamic and upcoming writer and poet calls the Redfern/Waterloo area home. She has been strongly influenced and nurtured by her activist parents, and mentored by many other members of the Black Power Movement, who she affectionately refers to as her Aunties and Uncles. She has been an active member of her community since the age of thirteen.

5.45 . Direwolf – Live Music
Drawing inspiration from artists such as Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Tallest Man on Earth …23 year old Direwolf (Matt Dewar) is a stout product of the undiscovered indie/folk movement. With the combination of deeply symbolic lyrics, a lightning quick hand on the guitar and a glowing stage presence – Direwolf has subsequently received rave reviews.

6.05 . Juju – Poetry
Julia Ehemann, spoon fed Coleridge as a little one, her head has remained firmly in the world of poetry. An artist & poet, previously part of The Red Room Company team running poetry workshops nationally in schools & correctional centers, her heart now beats for Desire, running creative events in Manly. Her writing explores intense yet soft themes of love, life, existence.

6.10. Brendon Moon Official – Live Music
“Sounds of ambient and lush acoustic, blended with an angelic wondrous voice, Brendon’s style is a mixture of Jose Gonzalez and Sigur Ros, whilst keeping his own unique sound.”Debut EP ‘Ephemeral Bliss’ out now – https://brendonmoon.bandcamp.com/

6.30. Chris Stewart – Live Music
Former Bass Guitar Player at NOIRE performing solo.

6.45 . Black River Bell – Live Music
Black River Bell is the stage name of songwriter Timothy Bray. His dark folk songs explore the mystery and melancholy of love, loneliness and the indefinable strangeness of being human. Influenced by Australian artists such as Paul Kelly and Augie March, he also draws from songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. His debut single ‘The Blackbirds’ was released recently, with the recording of a follow up single and EP currently underway.

7.05 . Malachi – Live Music
An average fellow who has a little inspiration. Lush acoustic sounds.

7.20 . Ken Stewart (Urban Guerillas) – Live Music Frontman for rebel rock outfit “Urban Guerillas” A working man’s attitude, Ken muses about the hopes, the passions, the foibles, successes and failures of the human species in the modern world.

7.35 . Scatterbrain and the BassShip – Live Music’Scattering in from around the Seas, for this one special performance, Scatterbrain and the BassShip encompass folk, reggae, flop and a good deal of wack’ and feat. Morgan Corby, Robert McDougall and Simeon John.

7.50 . Thankyou & Close with Andy Franks & Julia Ehemann

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