Louise Landes Levi -Aldobrandesco Castel, Arcidosso, Grosetto, Italy 2015

ORGANIZE: Louise Landes Levi

CONTACT: levitate108@hotmail.com

    All who live in Amiata zone are cordially

invited to an outdoor poetry reading, part of

  a global initiative for world peace –

           100,000 POETS for CHANGE

 On Sept. 26, poets fr. the various con-

tinents are organizing these readings. The

      one in Mt. Amiata is as follows.

     Outdoor Theatre -. just behind

th e Park in Bagnore, follow via Montagna

      until you see it on the right.

 Time 4.pm   Featured at this event

will be a reading fr. the deeply moving

  poetry of Namkhai Jamchos, the

       sister of Choegyal Namkhai

             Norbu, & a memorial

  reading fr. the works of Sophia

Bentinck, poet, author & co-founder

    of Il Bagatto Press. Please bring

 cushion, umbrella in case of

        rain & Tibetan Flags, if

               you have some.

                  A LA LA HO

      ALL  welcome to read,sing

           dance or be silent.

Aldobrandesco Castel, Arcidosso, Grosetto, Italy


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