Susan Taylor-Totnes, Devon, England 2016

Organizer: Susan Taylor


Here are the details of our evening event on Saturday 24th Sept. 2016.
It is funded Apples & Snakes.

Main guest – Dean Atta
Support – Sam Richards
plus – Jennie Osborne and others t.b.a
MCs Susan Taylor, Simon Williams
When:    24th September 2016
Time:    7.30pm
Where:    Thrive Café,
47 Fore Street,
Ticket Price:    £5


Dean Atta, one of the leading lights of the London poetry
scene, visits Totnes for 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE – this all
embracing day of worldwide poetry events calls for social change and
an end to violence and oppression. Dean is not afraid to tackle touchy
subjects like homophobia in hip hop, or the ‘reclaiming’ of the
‘N’ word. His debut poetry collection is called ‘I Am Nobody’s
Nigger’ – after a controversial poem he wrote commemorating
Stephen Lawrence. He has won many awards, including the Spirit of
London Award for his work in schools tackling bullying and homophobia.

Sam Richards is one of Totnes’ best known performers – an all
round renaissance man – he is a poet whose voice is raised strongly
in protest against the inequalities of society, as well as a composer,
singer and writer of in depth works on music and liberal education.
Other poets appearing will include Jennie Osborne, Susan Taylor and
Simon Williams.

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