Bruce Kauffman–Kingston, Ontario, Canada 2016

ORGANIZER: Bruce Kauffman

Kingston 100 Thousand Poets for Change, 2016 PDF


100 Thousand Poets for Change – Kingston and area!

Below – the full list consisting of 33 confirmed readings or music performances, and 6 musical acts.

Free Admission

Limited light food and beverage through the ASUS ‘Heart & Soul’ and others will be available.

Please note: all poets below are listed alphabetically by first name, not in their order of appearance. Musicians will appear in the order listed. Each session will begin with music, followed by poetry, another set of music, more poetry, the final musical act, and then short closing remarks.

1pm – Event begins. There will be upwards of 30 poems posted for viewing from the anthology created around this event. This hour is set aside as well for simply mingling and preparing for the afternoon session.

2pm – The afternoon session begins and will feature 3 musical acts within it: Ian Wong, Christian Whelan, and Yessica Rivera Belsham – Kingston Drum Circle.
Poets: Andrea O’Farrell, Anne Graham, Bethmarie Michalska, Bob MacKenzie, Donald Mitchell, Elizabeth Greene, Judith Popiel, Meg Freer, Michael Hurley, Nathalie Sorensen, Paul Chaput, Robin Gillespie, Ron Chase, Sandra Davies, Sandra Stephenson, Wendy MacLean, and Yessica Rivera Belsham.

5pm (approx) – First session ends, but the venue remains open for those wishing to linger, chat, and/or read the posted poems.

6:30pm – The evening session begins and will feature 3 musical acts within it: David Cliff, Irwin, and Anna Sudac & Jesse MacMillan.
Poets: Alyssa Cooper, Barbara Laing, Bruce Kauffman, Chantel Lavoie, Cindy Lam, Eric Folsom, Eugene Cornachia, Eunice Kim, Heather McMillan, Kaitlen Allen, Kristina Kikih Care, Phyllis Scully, Sana Towheed, Tim Duncan, and Winona Linn.

10pm (approx) – Event ends.

This will be Kingston’s 1st year of participating in a global event, its 5th, with concurrent readings being held all over the world – with poetry and music celebrating ‘peace, social justice, the environment, and sustainability’ with a goal of creating awareness and an advocacy for serious social and environmental change.

My heartfelt thanks to all who wanted to be part of this debut event here 🙂

Please feel free to share widely, and invite as well – this site is a huge venue 🙂

photo credit: Paul Butler

So, What Are You Doing To Make the World a Better Place?
100 Thousand Poets for Change, 2016 Kingston, ON Canada, Anthology PDF:

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