Caleb Hendricks- Lubbock Poetry Movement Lubbock, Texas 2016

ORGANIZER: Caleb Hendricks


GROUP: Lubbock Poetry Movement

LOCATION: Tornado Gallery

Time and Date: September 24,  6-9pm



Come on out and support your community!! We’ve been asked again to host for the 100 Thousand Poets for Change.. an international event inspired by Michael Rothenberg II 😀 It’s going to be an incredible show… we have poets, musicians, comedians, a belly dancer… we’ll be auctioning art and giving away door prizes! All to benefit Lubbock Impact, an amazing charity that has a soup kitchen, food pantry, clothing pantry and they give out vouchers for the food bank… AND they’re the only free clinic in Lubbock! Help us have some fun and make a difference!! If we raise $300 I’ll be walking on LEGOS! Also… we’re accepting Lego donations as well 😛 😉

Current Tentative Set List.. (not necessarily in that order…)

Caleb Hendricks- Poetry
Dennis Saran- Poetry
Sarazann Greenwood- Poetry, art
Juztin Wade- Poetry, art
Qe Terry- Poetry, music
Patrick Jones- Poetry, Comedy
Anna Stinson- Poetry, Music, Dancing
Elysse West- Poetry
Pei Pei Cupples- Poetry
Bergman Hayden- Poetry
Zoe Carter- Music
Ranney M. Lawerence- Comedy
Connie Williams- Poetry
Anthony Castillo- poetry
Johnny Blade- poetry
Bordy Lucifux- poetry
Reina Capano- Poetry
Thomas Hubbard- Poetry

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