Susan Lamont- Gaia’s Garden- Santa Rosa California, October 28th, 2016

ORGANIZER: Susan Lamont


Friday, October 28th and the theme is love. We’re emphasizing the complicated side of love – though you can do hearts and flowers, if you want.

The theme is inspired by a mural on a wall in Montmartre, Paris, which features Rita Hayworth saying, “Aimer c’est du désordre, alors aimons!” (Love is messy, so love on!) I took a photo of it when I was there a few years ago and will use it as the basis for the flyer.

Music at this reading will be provided by Ralph Park, who sings songs of love in Italian, Russian and more. It was hearing him sing at The Redwood Café that inspired this theme.

This will be the last reading of the year. We’re considering switching to the 4th Sunday afternoon of the month beginning next year. January’s theme will be “Working Class Blues.”

And, for those of you who teach poetry, please offer this opportunity to your students and everyone else please share this with your poetry-loving friends. Thank you. – Peace, Susan Lamont



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