Event of the Amazon 2016-Belem, Brazil

Saturday, 03 December 2016 Belem, Brazil!

100 thousand poets & musicians for change – event of the Amazon 2016



A ideia é fazer tudo do jeito mais simples possível, para ressaltar a importância da poesia (declamada e cantada), a verdadeira atração. Nosso conceito é a simplicidade e o improviso, não o espetáculo.

“100 Mil Poetas & Músicos por Mudanças” é uma ideia que começou nos Estados Unidos, em 2011, e já alcançou mais de 100 países See More

[“100 thousand poets & musicians for changes” – event of the Amazon 2016]
The idea is to make all of the simplest way possible, in order to stress the importance of poetry (leaves me cold and sung), the real attraction. Our concept is simplicity and improvisation, not the show.
“100 thousand poets & musicians for change” is an idea that started in the United States, in 2011, and has already achieved more than 100 countries this year.
Theme: the event will be semantics, by inspiration of the writer Daniel Leite, “Bethlehem, Port-poem of the amazon”, in the face of indisputable cultural effervescence that lives the capital paraense especially in the field of poetry.
Date: Saturday, 03 December 2016
Location: Theater of the cultural centre sesc boulevard – in front of the station of the docks, Belem, pará, Brazil.
Time: 18 hours
Creative, unite!


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