Jameela Nishat – Hyderabad, India 2017

ORGANIZER: Jameela Nishat

CONTACT:  jameelanishat@gmail.com

We are organising an event of 100,000 Writers and Poets for Change, in collaboration with Goethe Zentrum, on 22nd September 2017.  Telugu, Urdu and English writers will participate and there is Qawali also. Qawali is a Sufi kind of poetry. We will also have a group of young girls singing.

Across the globe 100,000 poets will gather to express their solidarity with those fighting for justice. In Hyderabad the writers and poets will gather at Phoenix Arena to show solidarity and strength through a chorus of of 100,000 voices.


6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, PHOENIX ARENA

Reading : Hoshang Merchant, Raoof Khair (translation)
Baig Ehsaas, Tutun Mukerji (translation)

Book Release: Dakhma (short story collection of Baig Ehsaas)

Followed by Qawali by Shaheen team

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