Ron Kolm, Francine Witte, and James Feast – Unbearables, New York, New York October 7,2017





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This is an invitation to join the Unbearables and friends as they take part in the international event 100 Thousand Poets for Change by reading their work at the Parkside Lounge.

This event will be free, though there is a two drink minimum – the Parkside does have two dollar drinks, so we hope this isn’t a problem for anyone. We will also be passing the hat to help with expenses.

We would like to thank Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion for creating 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and for his continued support to poets around the world who participate. Many of the events in other countries will take place on September 30th, but Michael and Terri recognized the 30th is also Yom Kippur, so he gave organizers some leeway on choosing another date.

Hosted by Francine Witte and Ron Kolm, with the following poets participating:

1. Francine Witte
2. Jane Ormerod
3. Carol Wierzbicki
4. David Lawton
5. Thomas Fucaloro
6. Aimee Herman
7. John Trause
8. Brendaliz Guerro
9. Phillip Giambri
10. Bill Considine
11. Bruce Weber
12. Joanne Pagano
13. Richard West
14. Ron Kolm
15. Matthew Hupert
16. Joel Alegretti
17. Amy Barone
18. Rob Hardin
19. Su Yung
20. Patricia Carragon
21. Jason Gallagher
22. Pete Dolack
23. Mitch Corber
24. Jim Feast
25. Jill Rapaport
26. Tsaurah Litzky
27. Deborah Pintonelli
28. Carl Watson
29. Sparrow
30. Gordon Gilbert
31. Larissa Shmailo
32. Bob Holman
33. David Huberman
34. Tom Savage
35. Bonny Finberg
36. Valery Oisteanu
37. Bob Quatrone
38. Jeff Wright
39. Dorothy Friedman
40. Eve Packer

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