Dobrica Kamperlic – Belgrade, Serbia 2017

ORGANIZER: Dobrica Kamperlic


100 Thousand Poets for CHANGE 30th Septembre on/in Cultural centre Bozidarac and at my home/flat,Radivoja Koraca 6/VII-24- Belgrade, Serbia, as a home-festival, named just as the title of the well-known Erich Fromm book TO HAVE OR TO BE?…Our answer,of course, will be – TO BE!

Dear Michael & poets+artists+art lovers around this fucking planet,


Today, the 30th of Septembre 2017, at 12,00 a.m./p.m. at the Cultural Centre BOZIDARAC,Belgrade-SERBIA, we will make a new progra as a part of planetary project 100.000 POETS FOR CHANGE.

The first part of this program took place on 23 of Septembre at the same time and same artspace… We realized a very good program! Besides all the rest, we had the help of two blind guitarists: one of them my old friend Dr Braca Joksimovic, antropologist, writer & musician, introduced his poetry, but also played guitar. His artistic name
is Luka Barbat. Also we had guests from YERMENIA (Anush Balajan, a famous female poet), and GREECE (Ivana or Gianna Simantaras, poet&musician) and over 15-20 children (age 12-18) from first school just near BOZIDARAC, Cultural Centre.

Today we will continue our program and we expect new incredible contributors…

We should CHANGE THE PLANET as it is the only home of mankind! Do you wanna share the same goal? We hope so.

Dob Kamper

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