Polly Lazaron – Charlottesville, Virginia 2017

ORGANIZER: Polly Lazaron

CONTACT:  polly@pollylazaron.com

2017 Charlottesville, VA 100 TPC Event Feedback

“A gathering like this helps me as a poet and as a human being, by letting
my voice be heard among appreciative folks, listening to other voices so diverse
and different yet fundamentally in unison, and by speaking the names of other
places with similar events, which connects our little gathering to the larger story.”

“It was an honor to be a part of the gathering of voices at the ‘100,000 Poets for Change’
event in Charlottesville. After all the chaos and turmoil of the summer of 2017, having
the opportunity to share not only stories, but also deep process, was profoundly
encouraging. Knowing that we read in solidarity with other poets around the world
strengthened my spirit and relieved a deep weariness that I believe is shared by
many of us who pursue peace and justice in our communities. I was grateful to be included.”

“The 100 TPC Event reading is meaningful to me because as John Gardner the novelist, said about art, poetry can clarify life and cast nets towards the future. It celebrates and mourns and carefully judges our right and wrong directions. It designs visions worthy to try to make fact.”

“100 TPC is truly my favorite event of the year at Writer House. I save poems for it all year long. For a long time in my life I felt divided between wanting to be a poet and wanting to work for social justice. At this event, I never feel divided.”

“My husband and I both really felt a connection there- it was wonderful!”

“I felt I was doing something positive about changing things in the world in the best
way I know how-through my writing. Getting up to read takes practice and confidence.
Pushing myself to step up to read at 100 TPC was a way I could start to make a difference rather than sitting back and letting others do it for me. I felt humbled by so many amazing poets.”

“100 TPC is positive visible community energy. It’s my favorite event in C’ville!”

“ A wonderful, inspiring, engaging afternoon at the well organized and excellently curated Writer House 100 TPC Event.”

“ Thanks for organizing the wonderful 100 TPC reading. It is gratifying that WH can pull folks from around the state.”

“Writer House 100 TPC Event is a gift we’ll all keep opening. When our voices, our own histories are muted… the body, the spirit remembers that is a fought for voice as many in the room had done. We were all standing for that voice. Each poet was given honor.”

“100 TPC is a gift. So diversified and wonderful to have so many poets from all over the state of VA.”

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