Nicole Metts-Central Texas Writers Society-Copperas Cove, Texas

ORGANIZER: Nicole Metts

Themed “Unity in the Community”. We will be covering topics of peaceful , equality, change, unity and sustainability.

Poets, writers, and artists will share their words with you and have fun activities planned for the whole family. This is something that happens in 100 countries world wide on this day.

10:00-10:30a.m. free yoga by Kimberly Cramer “The Roaming Yogi.”

After that we will have performances every 20 minutes. I will list in detail names and who they are soon. If you would like to be part of this event contact me and we will be happy to add you

100,000 artists, writers and artists for change event line up so far
Free yoga 10am-10:30am
Around 10:45am introduction speech and poetry by Nicole Metts
11:00am April M.
11:15am Brad Brad M. Crochet
11:30am Heather Monaco Chandler
11:45am Rowan Pratt
12:00pm Mikey Carlie
12:15pm Foressa Harrison
12:30pm Johnathan Molina
12:45pm Brent Royster
1:00pm Clean Water Advocate Brian Zabcik
1:15pm Jaden Sparks
1:30 Heather Bozman
I know we do not need 15 minutes for everyone, but we can squeeze other people in between all of you and more after Jaden who would like to participate. Please bring as many poets and writers as you can so we can make it last all day.
Conclusion by VP David J. Hardin
Briann Gonzalez will oversee a face painting station
Linda L & Heather Bozman Rock painting
Malachi M. Homemade paper station
Gwyneth Jett Earth Ship
Yoga info table Kimberly Cramer
Environmental info table
Table to write a story together with a change the world theme to be read at the end
Project board so everyone who visits can write how they would change the world on colored notes
Clip board to sign up for open mic time
The more help and participation the better! This is our first year doing this and I hope to continue for years to come with bigger and better ideas and planning!

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