Nicia De’ Lovely-I March For YOu, Bay Area/Oakland, California 2018

ORGANIZER: Nicia De’ Lovely



About yesterday…
As expected, my protest was extra lightweight in bodies, BUT, as always it was rich in spirit and purpose. My beautiful sister-friend and I walked, talked, posed for onlookers, sang spirituals, held our signs high above our heads receiving supportive honks from zooming Bay Bridge traffic… WONDERFUL Time!!! This was both of our first time walking the bridge, and what greater way to break it in than with a love protest for children safety. ❤ I read new poetry and sang a new song before a small audience and afterwards we discussed support of the cause, both socially and economically. Why don’t folks come out in droves unless there’s an org./ company name behind the event? Why don’t folks support the individual warriors on their love missions too? Good questions, with many answers. Whatever the reasons, none of them stopped our quest yesterday. Because we’re survivors! And even moreso, we’re fighters determined to contribute to the betterment of humanity ESPECIALLY for OUR CHILDREN!!!

All together, we put in 8 miles!!! Afterwards we recollected all of the calories that we lost by stuffing our faces at the first diner we saw – IKEA Swedish Diner! Yep! And it was, HELLA GOOD!!!

Anyway, that was yesterday. It was great! Next month we’re hitting the Golden Gate. Join me or not, because as you see, with me numbers only matter when they’re in the bank – THAT PART!

Love yourselves. Love others. Love a cause. Love You!!!

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