Kamandag –Manila, Philippines 2018


CONTACT: yimont28@gmail.com


SANDIWA – Network of Advocates for National Minority

KAMANDAG – Artist and Writers Againts Aggression http://kamandag.net/

Makata ng bayan, hinahamon ka ng Panahon!
100 Thousand Poets for Change
Sept. 29, 2-5pm, Bulwagan ng Dangal, UP Diliman

As part of the closing program of Sining Sandiwa, Kamandag will host 100 Thousand Poets for Change- an event which takes place in number of cities across the world including in countries like India, Iran, United States, England, etc. This event aims to gather the most number of poets to use their poems to raise awareness about social issues, to push controversial buttons, and to speak about the change that they truly yearn. At these times of cultural disturbance, Poets must be a collective voice to address important issues and encourage citizens to act for the betterment of the society.

Open to all poets, kindly leave a message to join the line up.


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