Moe Seager and Angora Poets-100 Thousand Poets for Change Paris-Paris, France 2018



This year, our 6th, I will host 100TPC Paris. Ready up for 29 Sept. held at Culture Rapide co-sponsored by Slam Internationale. 2018 theme, Read a Poem to a Child. We’ll do this on the 29th and are doing it on Sept. 26 sponsored by the Mairie de Paris, Médiatheque de Paris, Bibliothèque de Paris. Titled, Poesie Slam pour les enfants. 16h. @ Le Médiatheque de Paris. 70 rue de Picpus

Angora Poets paris. We hail from Viet Nam to Venezuela, Lagos, Caracas, Lesotho, Athens, Algeria, Yemen, Paris, Le Havre, Guadeloupe, London, New York, Stanford U. Cali, Belgrade, 17 poets presented – 4 of us did tributes to Aretha. Next Angora in 2 weeks. One World y’all.



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