Edoardo Giacomini -Monterosi, Italy 2018

ORGANIZER: Edoardo Giacomini

CONTACT: edoardo.giacomini@tiscali.it

Monterosi hosts 100TPC for the third consecutive year

The town of Monterosi hosted the 3rd edition of the “100 Thousand Poets for Change” event, organized by the Biblos Association. This year’s date was included as part of a range of different cultural events, that have been running from the 20th to the 30th of September 2018.

The event was sponsored by the Municipality of Monterosi and took place in the suggestive frame of the courtyard of the Town Hall.

For this edition the theme of Memory has been chosen, ideally divided into three distinct moments. The first concerns the Memories of Life and recounts moments of childhood, of existence, of affections, of absence. The second is related to the Collective Memory, the useful memento not to forget. The last part deepens the Memory of Hope, the light that is always good to follow, capable of creating experience.

The evening program, presented by actress Dafne Barbieri, saw the participation of the actor Stefano De Sando, voice actor and official voice of Robert De Niro, who paid tribute to the poet Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, enacting some of his Roman Sonnets, composed in antique Roman dialect.

Afterwards, the actor Riccardo Giacomini read a selection of poems, edited by Loriana Lucciarini, with an accompanying chord of the S. Cecilia quartet, directed by Maestro Matteo Taratufolo.

Ended with the attendance of other guests of honor, including Anna Rita Angelelli, editorial director of the publisher Le Mezzelane, and Michela Zanarella, Roman poetess.


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