Kozeta Zavalani-100 Thousand Poets for Change 2018, Tirana, Albania

100 Thousand Poets for Change 2018, Tirana, Albania


We, a group poets and artists, gathered on September 29, 2018, at 11:00, on the 14th floor of Rosa Blu Club at G-Kam Tower (Kavaja Street, Tirana) at the event; 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Tirana, proclaimed our art with one of our poems, to change the least negative phenomena of society, for the best and safe future of our children … It’s the 7th year since support the idea initiated by our friend Michael Rothenberg to inspire the global community of poets to gather together not in one place but in a single day to do poetry for the sake of any kind of change they believe it is more necessary, locally, nationally, and across the planet.

Unfortunately, we have become strangers to one another in recent years difficult to recognize our neighbors in the streets, not the other poets, who live and share our concerns in other places. So we should feel this kind of global solidarity, thinking that we will bring a small change to the community through the motto: “We are all angels, let’s join our wings on our flight to the future, protesting against social injustices, violence against women, for a healthy family in a healthy society! ”

The meeting was attended by Kozeta Zavalani with the greeting addressed by the initiators of this global event, Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, with the greeting of the Ambassador Peace President, politician and artist and poet Gaqo Apostoli, who brought the poem “Lukunites”

My kennel

Fill the streets of Tirana on nights.

My wolf’s kennel

Flood parties, parliaments.

My dick queen

Cry on newspaper pages.

O Lord,

Why let them into the verses of poets?

This poem was read by the head of PEN Albania Entela Kasi.

Then Kozeta Zavalani continued with poetry

“In fulfilling the change”

Do you think something has changed?

Yes, the difference is in the air that we breathe

shoulders weigh as pressure;

afraid of the invisible

Suffering and Confusion.

Nature keeps breathing

like the cold November winds

that drives dry, deadly leaves

through the silly ways of meaninglessness.

I get meaning

From what I see around

From a loud noise I hear

among the crowds

on the streets of the city that

is hidden in the peripheral bubbles

by the storm approaching.

My voice is very small

to cut the dispute

of scary human hearts,

however, I have to try

speaking the truth with love

for the sake of peace.

I walked early in the morning.

I salute my neighbors.

“Morning,” I say by passing.

I can not say “Good morning”.

Until everyone feels safe

Not afraid to return to our country

After vacation somewhere in the world.

I have done nothing to deserve privileges.

You have done nothing to deserve less.

So I know that one morning

I’ll say “Good morning!”

For all those I meet

And I know it will be a good morning

But by then

We have a job to do.

Please, can we do it together?

rejecting the separation of races and religion

planting the root of peace in our hearts

Though silent, we are not blind

for almost 60 years I have seen and learned in life

You whisper

Tell the children, grandchildren

who you are and what you do, taught them

how to act and treat people,

to protect yourself

from anger, judgment and punishment

Because we have the responsibility

for children, the elderly

for those who are unable to help themselves

Because we have the responsibility

for friends and enemies of all colors

for the friends and foes of every ethnicity and nationality

We have the responsibility

for the friends and foes of all faiths and unbelief

for democracy

the justice of freedom and equality for all.

We have the responsibility!

To blood, it shakes the bones and the arteries


the vital pulse of world trade

with rocky streams melted like a volcano

in a glass ceiling at the top of the employment rate

which is a liquid floor flush in the lower part.

You can imagine riots;

compression of large arteries by deviation

an articulated bolt.

Events can clarify the darkness of expression

you can understand, until you meet the change …

The singer and poet Neil Ruci with poetry


Keep thinking what to write?

because we have a lot of problems,

our country continues to suffer,

call to all religions:

-O Great Lord!

what did you bring to life,

fish this earth,

the same identity.

If we lose,

I do not know what interests,

we are talking to ourselves,

the memory is gone.

To ask this,

in the name of the good,

see also do,

for the sake of children.

We are towards the end,

of life q’na and,

for the good of the country,

about you.

I’m looking at the mud,

strife, backstage,

we are not climbing,

it is almost the abyss.

Put your hand to the heart,

as you know,

we remain unnamed,

without any indifference.

Forgive me, O Lord,

and you my friends,

why do I write so today,

for Mother Albania.

I wrote what I felt,

for a moment of thought,

memory back back,

let us reflect.

Opportunities we have,

compass history,

in Europe We are,

we are losing pride.

Albanian pride,

not sold and bought,

the legacy of the forefathers,

it will never be deleted.

Whoever wants to wipe it out,

in vain and living,

because you will have children,

where there are no chores.

Vera Cato said: Who better than the woman will bring the change,

therefore I have chosen poetry:

Beautiful Creature “Woman”

The woman’s smile,

as if sun,

in the disappearing, every black cloud,

how beautiful the world resembles!

Even when sadness decreased


stands on her being:

Embraces hope,

without hesitation:

Its world knows the defeat.

Lying challenges him

with hope,

Life conveys happiness!

You are the creature of mankind,

There is no world like you,

Your love,

melt any ice,

Life always turns,

in the ocean of happiness ….

Eli Kanina began her speech: “Hello Kozeta!

Thank you for organizing the event every time!

I feel excited when we exchange emotions with the interpretation of our poems, with the messages we convey, the information we receive about each other, about the Albanian authors present or not, but also foreign authors of contemporary literature!

We can not change the world! We can change ourselves! Starting from ourselves, we make it easier to approach different people! To be better with each other, and to expose the best as individuals day after day, every change is worth it!

On the International Heart Day, I wish you all the healthy heart first, and then beautiful souls as they know how to show off their art the lovers of books, paintings and songs! Let us be one another for so many years, with such events of the beautiful word!

Today I have selected the poem “HUMAN ABOVE”

What else can man be?

Not just a being …

A warm feeling mix!









Sin that give birth to him and punish him

Between groans and sorrows

Finally, to the end, to the end!

What else can man be?

If not just a being …

A wholesome mix of life!







Tears tears

In the game I melt, stress, care

A flow of hazelnuts that runs without limits

Until it gets harder

Day after day!

What else can man be?

If not just a being …

A mix of perfection!

More than a dog, my cat

More than honey, snake and snail

More than the wolf and the fox

More than the program stops

More than a donkey and a pig

More than eels

More than the raven in the dark

Voted, self-glorious, trustworthy

Responsible without responsibility

I pee on the soil

Man from heaven in hell

Less than man-man


Whenever …

Then poet Perikli Shuli continued with his poetry:

“I did not find you!

I asked you to the street without a name

I asked for fresh breakfasts

At lunchtime

Noisy nightmares in town.

I asked the first man I met,

In the opposite side

at the intersection lights I watched

maybe you would be there,

in the city’s central square

at the benches in the park ..

I was looking for newspapers, screens

On the search portal,

I did not find you!

To ask you again,

I asked everywhere,

But you say you’re overwhelmed

You were drowned,

you will come out again!


… this is awaiting

man says to me?


The special part of the meeting was the participation of Israeli poet Braha Rosenfeld, who recited his poetry in Hebrew and Entela Kasi, who had invited him through Albanian PEN Center, read it in Albanian. Braha Rosenfeld belongs to the generation of poets of the period after the establishment of the state of Israel; poets combining personal and national history in their writings, praised by the Israeli Writers’ Association in 2009. It has led the Union of Jewish Israel Writers. Translated into several languages ​​and published in different parts of the world. One of the most singular female voices of letters in Israel. Here are some of her verses: “I am building a temple from ether,

I’m building a palace out of the air

from the rocks of layers of clouds

develop raincoats that

try to soften

glowing winds

and gloomy ghosts …

Entela Kasi emphasized: Today we are with Braha Rosenfeld in a conversation about literature with Albanian authors and artists. An open conversation about literature and art. Thank you Edita Kuci Ukaj for the excellent translation of her poetry, which is definitely difficult to be rendered into foreign languages. Today Braha gave us the magical tunes of the Hebrew language and I could read into Albanian some from her poems. Many thanks to Kozeta Zavalani for such a wonderful activity. What remains a surprise is the dedication of the prominent Professor Klara Kodra, who dedicate to Braha, a very special writing into Albanian. If you see from the picture of both, Braha and Klara their eyes expresses a lot! Their conversation about the literature and art of our modern times will be another chapter of future books as an authentic testimony of this day.

I can’t stay without mentioning the great pleasure we had, while our friend Vilma Jazexhiu Proko, read for us today one the poems of Elvi Proko, the laureate of PEN Albania 2016. Literature is the homeland of Universal Literature, and there will always remain the mankind with its ancient and modern question tags! Literature has this profound dimension of freedom, and for that it is sublime!

Gratitude to you dear Braha Rosenfeld for coming in Albania and for sharing with us wisdom, love, respect, and mostly for the value of dignity !

The meeting continued with the poet and the literary scholar Klara Kodra who recited the poem “Years Out, Years to Come”, Kristaq Shabani, chairman of Lnpsha Pegasi Albania during the discussion emphasized the essence of literary-artistic organizations, their platforms, contribution and deepening the effectiveness of Literature and Art …and later the poets Zhuljeta Grabocka China, Lumturi Ymeri Bersava, Perikli Shuli, Nexhi Baushi, Jozefina Traboini, Kristaq F. Shabani, Vilma Jazexhiu Proko, Marjola Dashi, Pëllumb Alia, and others, who are waiting to send me poems …

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