Laurel Lee Chipp and Kat Copeland 100,000 Poets for Positive Change Ward County 2019 Monahans, Texas

ORGANIZERS: Laurel Lee Chipp and Kat Copeland





Anytime prior to MONDAYS broadcasts, you can READ A POEM TO A CHILD via VOICE MESSAGE
Or email poem to

Thank you so much! If you click on the link to podcast, it should give you the option to send a voice message. You can read your poem there and then I will be able to add it to the show.

Presented by The Permian Basin Poetry Society, 4Gs Entertainment and The Sparklers Parade Corps, this is a time for artists of all kinds including visual arts, performing arts, written word, spoken word, photography, crafters and more. This is a worldwide movement where we all come together to share our art with the with world. There will be displays, demonstrations, vendor booths, open mic and a poetry slam with prizes for the poetry slam winners. Please reserve your spot today as spaces will fill up fast! 



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