Chryssa Velissariou – Forum and Clown Theatre, Larissa, Greece 2019


ORGANIZER: Chryssa Velissariou


ORGANIZATION: Forum and Clown Theatre, Larissa, Greece

From 9/23-27 Greek organizers met with with classes of junior and senior high schools  in Larissa classes and spoke about peace after watching a film we created on peace “The Melancholic Dove”. We will make a live youtube event  on 9/28 which we will promote through our page on fb  presenting the results of our “research” with students and talking and singing and reciting and chatting about peace. We worked with Ioannis Ioannou, Nefeli Gkourompinou, Kostas Pipinis, Evi Polyzou, Dimitra Gelantzopoulou and Thanks Papathanasiou. Ioannis Ioannou is the writer of the scenario and Nefeli Gourompinou created the painting of the poster of the event.

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