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Monterosi joins “One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change” for the fourth year

For the fourth consecutive year the Biblos Association has organized in Monterosi (Viterbo, Italy) the fourth edition of “One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change”, an event inspired by a larger global movement which ideally unites hundreds of countries around the world , united through poetry and music in the growth of a collective conscience that goes towards a positive change on issues pertaining to the peace and sustainability of the planet.

For this edition, presented amiably  by the actress Alessia Francescangeli, the theme of the colours of the rainbow has been chosen, all colours that recall joy, life, hope, which also bring us back to the emotions of childhood, magic, fairy tales, dreams.

The poems, selected once again by the writer Loriana Lucciarini, have been chosen to recall the seven colours of the rainbow and the emotions they represent and evoke in each of us.

The choreographies represented by the very young girls of the Monterosi Dance School, led by the teacher Rita Gasponi, have been very suggestive and have given meaning to narratives and poetic texts.

The expressive and effective reading of the poems has been performed by the actor Riccardo Giacomini, while the musical accompaniment with the guitar has been executed by the young musician Antonino Fontana.

At the end of the evening, the President of the Biblos Association, Edoardo Giacomini, in thanking the audience, has expressed the intention to continue this initiative also in the coming years, trying to find more and more new and stimulating ideas every time.

Representing the Mayor has been the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Monterosi, Alessia Procacci, who has expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the results achieved by the event.


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