Karen Melander-Magoon San Francisco, CA 2020

100 000 Poets for Change by Karen Melander-Magoon

100 000 poets for change
With poetry ask for homes for refugees
With poetry ask for justice
With poetry ask for an end to police murder
With poetry scream that the vulnerable matter
Black lives matter
George Floyd matters
Children matter
Health care matters
Education and school books
Tell the world that a pandemic changes everything
That prisons and elderly homes should be emptied
Workers sent home from processing plants
People not forced to die
100 000 Poets for Change
Offers a Madonna and child
For our era
Like the Madonna and child
Two thousand years ago
Reflecting compassion and love
In the face of pain and suffering
A child taken from her mother
At the border
Perhaps never to see her again
Or left to sicken and die
A Madonna and child
Aware of the suffering of the world
100 000 poets for change
Demand children be reunited
Demand children not be separated
From their families
100 000 poets for change
Demand an end to war
An end to bombs killing children
And their grannies
Reaching out to embrace them
Turned to dust in a flash
An end to bombs
Murdering people celebrating a wedding
Killing ill and disabled in hospitals
Children going to school
100 000 poets for change
Demand an end to torture
An end to prisons that punish
To prisons that do not heal
An end to injustice
To occupation to murder
Demand a new world
A world of kindness
A world of gardens
Free of pesticides
A world of oceans
Free of pollution and acid
An earth
Free of drilling into its heart
Events all over the world
Every fourth week in September
Poets for change
Cry out for change
Cry out with poetry
Cry out with words
For justice and healing
Their only weapons
A pen
And love


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