Kozeta Zavalini -Tirane, Albania 2020


       10 years ago, many poets and poetesses, part of the International League of Poets, Writers and Artists “Pegasi” Albania and the Association ”Family and Media – Power for Change” under my leadership and President Kristaq Shabani, with the participation of the well-known poet Xhevahir Spahiu, under the professional moderation of the charming TV presenter Silvana Brace, in the hall of the Ministry of Culture, we started the poetic journey ”100 thousand Poets for Change”, in support of the initiative of my friend Michael Rothenberg from California.

        For safety measures due to Covid, the event of this year was held  online, although it celebrated its 10th anniversary. At 10.00 AM I opened the activity directly online, traveling by car to Hotel Tirana International, together with my son Menduh Zavalani and our friend, painter and poet Flutura Maçi.

       As soon as we arrived at the destination I continued to inform the followers that this event, is held not in the same place, but on the same day, exactly on the last Saturday of September, where poets and artists around the world organize events to promote environmental, social change. and political, within the general framework of peace and stability, of which co-founder Michael Rothenberg stated, “It is a worldwide concern and guiding principle for this global event. All those involved hope that, through their activities and events, to capture and redirect the poetic and social dialogue of the day and turn the narrative of civilization towards peace and stability”.///why I am quoting my poetry

“In fulfillment of change for our children”
Do you think something has changed?
Yes, change is everywhere;
in the air we breathe
shoulder weighs as pressure;
fear of the invisible
suffering and confusion.

Virus takes lives, saddens our hearts.
Nature holds the breath
like a cold smell,
that drives away dry, lifeless leaves
through meaningless exhausted streets.
I make sense
From the kids I see
From a noise I can barely hear
on city streets scared,

on the storm wind..
My voice is too small
however, I have to try
speaking the truth with love
for the sake of peace.
I walked early in the morning, with mask.
I greet my neighbors, masked.
“Morning,” I say passing.
I can not say “Good morning”.
Until everyone feels safe.
So I know that one morning
I will say “Good morning!”
I know it will be a good morning for the kids
But until then
We have work to do,
planting the root of peace in our hearts!
Because we have responsibilities for the children,
those who can not help themselves
Because we have responsibilities for democracy
justice, freedom and equality for all.
To clarify the darkness of expression,
until we meet the change!

Eternal memory of the poets who are not among us Riza Lahi, Xhelal Luca and Nelson Qirjako.

In the same place, on the same day and time, the activity took place on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Universal Peace Federation and the new elections of its Assembly. So during the breaks of the sessions I interviewed some Ambassador for Peace, who greeted the event “100 thousand poets for change” like, Sulejman Abazi, Katarzina Minollari e Mimoza Bineri. After the greeting, the poet Agim Doçi quoted the verses of the poem “My Heart”, from the book of Gaqo Apostoli and ordered the poets: “Do not write with the keyboard, but with the heart!”

In alphabetical order I am starting with the poems of the poets participating in this worldwide event.



1.    Agim Doçi

2.    Agim Bajrami

3.    Agim Desku

4.    Arbenisa Arben Thaçi

5.    Angjelina Xhara

6.   Ardi Omeri

7.   Aziz Bytyqi

8.    Baki Ymeri,

9.    Bardha Alimeta

10.                       Barie Çupi

11.                       Bajame Hoxha – Çeliku

12.                       Bexhet Asani

13.                       Buqe Agolli

14.                       Dan Ibrahimi,

15.                       Dinos S. Koubatis

16.                        Eda Miri

17.                       Eleonora Niko Qeparoi

18.                       Eli Kanina

19.                       Eva Gavani

20.                       Emrije Krosi

21.                       Eltona Lakuriqi

22.                       Iliriana Sulkuqi

23.                       Idriz Berisha

24.                       Ilir Balili

25.                       Farida Zmijani Ramadani,

26.                       Flutura Maçi

27.                       Flora Idriz Peci

28.                       Gaqo Apostoli

29.                       Jozefina Traboini

30.                       Katiola Karoli

31.                       Kozeta Zavalani

32.                       Lindita Kopliku

33.                       Luljeta Thaçi Osmani,

34.                       Hyqmet B. Hasko

35.                       Manushaqe Toromani

36.                       Manushaqe Hoxha Laçi

37.                       Mateo Yskollari

38.                       Meri Mezini

39.                       Miranda Troci Derti

40.                       Mina Caushi

41.                       Moza Shehi

42.                       Namik Selmani

43.                       Naxhije Doçi

44.                       Nezi Plaku Velaj

45.                       Nexhi Baushi

46.                       Neil Ruçi

47.                       Perikli Shuli

48.                       Puntorie Muça Ziba

49.                       Raimonda Moisiu

50.                       Rama Krishna Perugu

51.                       Sadije Aliti

52.                       Sahit F. Osmani

53.                       Safete Kosta Skartados

54.                       Seli Murati

55.                       Selvete Abdullahu

56.                       Sulejman Omerbashi 

57.                       Sylejman Qyqalla

58.                       Sherife Thaçi

59.                       Shejmondë Pacarada

60.                       Shkelqim Ziraj

61.                       Shpresa Kapisyzi Rama

62.                       Shqiponja Panajoti

63.                       Vangjel Nasi

64.                       Venka Capa

65.                       Vera Pelaj

66.                       Violeta Kadriu

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