Edoardo Giacomini Associazione Biblos” of Monterosi-(Viterbo), Monterosi, Italy 2022

Edoardo Giacomini edoardo.giacomini@tiscali.it Associazione Biblos” of Monterosi-Viterbo, Italy

On Friday 16th of September 2022, the 6th edition of the cultural evening called «One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change» took place in Monterosi (Italy).

This edition, organized as usual by the Biblos Association with the moral patronage of the Municipality of Monterosi and the collaboration of the local grass-roots promotional association (Pro Loco) as part of the patronal celebrations, wanted to pay homage to the unforgettable actor Gigi Proietti, as a giant of the stage and master of irony and eclecticism.

The show, conceived by the actor and voice actor Stefano De Sando, entitled “For not forgetting to remember. A memory for Gigi”, was able to tell with simplicity the aspects that move us most in the memory of Gigi Proietti, through the reading of sonnets, taken from the posthumous book “Ndo cojo … cojo” (typical Roman expression to mean that it doesn’t matter what the result is, as long as there is one), with which he loved to face with his typical irony news stories and various other topics.

Together with Stefano De Sando, prof. Marcello Teodonio, a great expert in Roman culture, the actor and director Riccardo Giacomini and the actress Claudia Ferri. At the end, a video clip was shown, directed by Riccardo Giacomini, of an unpublished version of the famous song sung by Proietti in the film “Tosca” by Luigi Magni, “Nun je da retta Roma”, arranged by Stefano De Sando as singer and guitarist.

The show was particularly welcome by the large audience present who appreciated, in addition to the comic side of the popular actor who died in November 2020, also the most intimate and poetic aspects of the great Master who reveal him as an artist with a generous heart who was able to give so much to art.
At the end of the evening, the president of the Biblos Association, Edoardo Giacomini, thanked the councilor Alessia Procacci, representing the mayor of Monterosi Sandro Giglietti, and the president of the Pro Loco Vittorio Totonelli, inviting them to the stage for the delivery of souvenir plaques for guests attending the event

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