Barbara Cole-Just Buffalo- Buffalo, New York 2013

Organizer: Barbara Cole


Squeaky Wheel invites you to participate in the 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change by submitting videos and photos via mobile apps Vine and Instagram using hashtag #100tpcBuffalo.

Your submissions illustrating ideas of change, transformation, peace and sustainability will be displayed in installations throughout the event at Silo City.

Show a process: Trees being planted, food being shared, the world in flux

Read a line of poetry: A source of inspiration, a perspective of the world

Send a message: Use images and text to inspire

Saturday, September 28, 2013


11:15 Host: David Landrey Stage: Perot
David Landrey, Dan Kolb, Susan Hutton, Fred Whitehead, Jim Taylor, Pat Hulsman, Gene Grabiner, John Cuttito, Josh Smith, Celia White

11:30 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Altercation Solutions, Demetria Bennett, Evelyn Brady, Benjamin Brindise, Elby T. Bard Brittain, David Burnette, David Butler

12:00 MUSIC: What Would Mingus Do?

12:30 Host: Perry Nicholas Stage: Perot
Loren Keller, Stephen Paskey, Rachael Katz, Marek Parker, Lisa Wiley, Gary Earl Ross, Gunilla Kester, Perry Nicholas

12:45 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Justin Cain, Joseph Chamberlain, Bruce Craft, Matthew Edwards, Courtney Frances Fallon, Ailsa Forlenza, Tara Heavern, Cassandra Heist, Sandra Jardine, Lakesha Johnson

1:15 Host: Jennifer Campbell Stage: Perot
Jennifer Campbell, Sara Ries, Ansie Baird, Joyce Kessel, Leanna Manna, Kastle Brill, Trudy Stern, Irene Sipos, Celeste Lawson

1:30 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Alexander King, Orin Langelle, Dawn Leli, Mark Lloyd, Gabriel Maldonado, Gilbere Maxwell, McKenna5406, Amanda Mulrain

2:00 MUSIC: Ahavaraba

2:30 Host: ryki zuckerman Stage: Perot
Karen Lee Lewis, Deborah Osborne, Franklin LaVoie, Peter Siedlecki, Carol Townsend, Ed Taylor, Theresa Wyatt, Ann Goldsmith, ryki zuckerman, John Roche

2:45 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Jeffrey Naish, Sommer O’Donnell, William Perry, Angelica Rochford, Joni Russ, Carreen Schroeder, Geoffrey Testa, Testa Student 1, Testa Student 2, Testa Student 3, Heidi Trift

3:15 Host: JBLC Stage: Perot
Anne Apfel, Ian Be, Deja Reese, Miya Isaac, Ceaira Butler, Laura Chestnut, Michelle Embree, Justin Karcher, Jessica Hyejin Lee, Khalil Nieves, Brandon Williamson

4:00 Host: Geoffrey Gatza Stage: Perot
Geoffrey Gatza, Jared Schickling, Chuck Richardson, Michael Basinski, Kristina Marie Darling, Nava Fader, David Hadbawnik, Paul Hogan

4:45 MUSIC: Goat of Arms

5:15 Host: Sherry Robbins Stage: Perot
Carl Dennis, Mary Richert, Gordon Crock, Pam Fordham, Catherine Linder Spencer, Sherry Robbins, Benjamin Spencer, Nathaniel Spencer, Fiona Rigney, Asha Kartha, Ruby Soudant

6:00 Host: Troll Thread Stage: Perot
Amanda Montei, Holly Melgard, Jon Rutzmoser, Chris Sylvester, Divya Victor, Joey Yearous-Algozin, Doug Basford, Macy Todd

6:45 MUSIC: Pine Fever

7:15-8:00 Host: Noah Falck Stage: Perot
Noah Falck, Albert Abonado, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Alan Bigelow, Elizabeth Borngraber, Diane Christian, Chris Fritton, Erika
Gault, Olga Karman, Julia Lotempio

8:00-8:45 Host: Barbara Cole Stage: Perot
Barbara Cole, Gregg Biglieri, Ntare Gault, Judith Goldman, Jorge Guitart, Myung Mi Kim, Aaron Lowinger, Janet McNally, Peter Ramos, Janna Willoughby-Lohr

8:45-9:15 MUSIC: Dan Harper & The Magic Show

9:30 UB Art Galleries Artist-in-Residence, Kamau Patton’s Float my Ex (performance on river)

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