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Venecia Shawndrell Green – Buffalo, New York 2018

ORGANIZER: Venecia Shawndrell Green CONTACT:            

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Latrice Simone Green-Buffalo, New York 2017

ORGANIZER: Latrice Simone Green     “GOODNE$$” Presents: The 13th Installment of Her “CYOM” … Indoor/Outdoor Concert Series vol. 2 “RED CARPET EDITION” !!Rafri Greene CAO Center 1423 Fillmore Avenue {parking lot} Music By: DJ Ras Muata Hostess; “GOODNE$$” … Continue reading

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Just Buffalo Writing Center (Hannah Nathanson and Robin Jordan), Buffalo, New York 2017

ORGANIZERS: Just Buffalo Writing Center (Hannah Nathanson and Robin Jordan) CONTACT: GENERAL IDEA: This 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change event will be entirely youth-centric. Organized by young writers of the Just Buffalo Writing Center, the event will … Continue reading

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Latrice Simone Green-Buffalo, New York 2015

ORGANIZER: Latrice Simone Green  

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Barbara Cole-Buffalo, New York 2015

Organizer: Barbara Cole Contact:  

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Latrice Simone Green-Buffalo, New York 2014

              ORGANIZER: Latrice Simone Green  

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Barbara Cole-Buffalo, New York 2014

Organizer: Barbara Cole




David Landrey formed our group. Dan Kolb played guitar to accompany the readings. Readers : Fred Whitehead, Richard Olson, Patrick Hulsman, Helen Ruggieri, James Taylor, Robert Taylor, Jim Maurino and David Landrey. We were part of the Just Buffalo event by the grain elevators along the Niagara River/ Buffalo River complex. A chapbook of the reading was published in advance and copies were distributed to the audience

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Barbara Cole-Just Buffalo- Buffalo, New York 2013

Organizer: Barbara Cole


Squeaky Wheel invites you to participate in the 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change by submitting videos and photos via mobile apps Vine and Instagram using hashtag #100tpcBuffalo.

Your submissions illustrating ideas of change, transformation, peace and sustainability will be displayed in installations throughout the event at Silo City.

Show a process: Trees being planted, food being shared, the world in flux

Read a line of poetry: A source of inspiration, a perspective of the world

Send a message: Use images and text to inspire

Saturday, September 28, 2013


11:15 Host: David Landrey Stage: Perot
David Landrey, Dan Kolb, Susan Hutton, Fred Whitehead, Jim Taylor, Pat Hulsman, Gene Grabiner, John Cuttito, Josh Smith, Celia White

11:30 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Altercation Solutions, Demetria Bennett, Evelyn Brady, Benjamin Brindise, Elby T. Bard Brittain, David Burnette, David Butler

12:00 MUSIC: What Would Mingus Do?

12:30 Host: Perry Nicholas Stage: Perot
Loren Keller, Stephen Paskey, Rachael Katz, Marek Parker, Lisa Wiley, Gary Earl Ross, Gunilla Kester, Perry Nicholas

12:45 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Justin Cain, Joseph Chamberlain, Bruce Craft, Matthew Edwards, Courtney Frances Fallon, Ailsa Forlenza, Tara Heavern, Cassandra Heist, Sandra Jardine, Lakesha Johnson

1:15 Host: Jennifer Campbell Stage: Perot
Jennifer Campbell, Sara Ries, Ansie Baird, Joyce Kessel, Leanna Manna, Kastle Brill, Trudy Stern, Irene Sipos, Celeste Lawson

1:30 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Alexander King, Orin Langelle, Dawn Leli, Mark Lloyd, Gabriel Maldonado, Gilbere Maxwell, McKenna5406, Amanda Mulrain

2:00 MUSIC: Ahavaraba

2:30 Host: ryki zuckerman Stage: Perot
Karen Lee Lewis, Deborah Osborne, Franklin LaVoie, Peter Siedlecki, Carol Townsend, Ed Taylor, Theresa Wyatt, Ann Goldsmith, ryki zuckerman, John Roche

2:45 Host: Stage: Riverfront
Jeffrey Naish, Sommer O’Donnell, William Perry, Angelica Rochford, Joni Russ, Carreen Schroeder, Geoffrey Testa, Testa Student 1, Testa Student 2, Testa Student 3, Heidi Trift

3:15 Host: JBLC Stage: Perot
Anne Apfel, Ian Be, Deja Reese, Miya Isaac, Ceaira Butler, Laura Chestnut, Michelle Embree, Justin Karcher, Jessica Hyejin Lee, Khalil Nieves, Brandon Williamson

4:00 Host: Geoffrey Gatza Stage: Perot
Geoffrey Gatza, Jared Schickling, Chuck Richardson, Michael Basinski, Kristina Marie Darling, Nava Fader, David Hadbawnik, Paul Hogan

4:45 MUSIC: Goat of Arms

5:15 Host: Sherry Robbins Stage: Perot
Carl Dennis, Mary Richert, Gordon Crock, Pam Fordham, Catherine Linder Spencer, Sherry Robbins, Benjamin Spencer, Nathaniel Spencer, Fiona Rigney, Asha Kartha, Ruby Soudant

6:00 Host: Troll Thread Stage: Perot
Amanda Montei, Holly Melgard, Jon Rutzmoser, Chris Sylvester, Divya Victor, Joey Yearous-Algozin, Doug Basford, Macy Todd

6:45 MUSIC: Pine Fever

7:15-8:00 Host: Noah Falck Stage: Perot
Noah Falck, Albert Abonado, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Alan Bigelow, Elizabeth Borngraber, Diane Christian, Chris Fritton, Erika
Gault, Olga Karman, Julia Lotempio

8:00-8:45 Host: Barbara Cole Stage: Perot
Barbara Cole, Gregg Biglieri, Ntare Gault, Judith Goldman, Jorge Guitart, Myung Mi Kim, Aaron Lowinger, Janet McNally, Peter Ramos, Janna Willoughby-Lohr

8:45-9:15 MUSIC: Dan Harper & The Magic Show

9:30 UB Art Galleries Artist-in-Residence, Kamau Patton’s Float my Ex (performance on river)

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Buffalo, New York

Organizer: David Landrey and Just Buffalo Contact: Planning for the Saturday, September 29, 2012 event has begun. Please save the date and come read your poetry, play your music, and join in all the other activities.  

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