Razvan Tupa-Bucharest, Romania 2013

ORGANIZER: Razvan Tupa

CONTACT: razvan_tupa@yahoo.com

n the third year of participation in the global event “100 Thousand Poets for Change” the poets from Bucharest were invited to take part in a poetry reading focused on shifting perspectives. Răzvan Tupa, Xirona Xin Marian, Silvia T, Catalina Matthew Peter Sragher, Gabriel Dalis, Iulia Militaru and Sorin Despot read facing a wall. The reading at “Tramvaiul 26” aimed to enhance the importance of sound in poetry. “Bring poetry out from a corner” was a relational poetics un-performing concept.

video Cristi Marin, foto Quasiote, graphics Ana Toma

Video presentation (by Ciprian Burcovschi for ADLITTERA – Romanian)

Complete video (Romanian)


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