Michael Annis- Denver, Colorado 2013

0RGANIZER: Michael Annis

CONTACT: greatnightskyhunter@msn.com

WhenSaturday, September 28, 2013
Time10:00am in MDT

100,000[,000 Dead] Poets for [Spare] Change, the Denver event, will feature poet/performers Tom “Wordwulf” Sterner, Roseanna Frechette, Ken Greenley, Mike Romoth, Sonia “Mother Jones” Skakich-Scrima in her one-woman performance, myself– Michael Annis, founder of HDP, and the spirit of Gregory Greyhawk. Additionally and very importantly, from the World Peace Academy in Switzerland, Adam Roufberg will present an address on tools to promote conflict resolution, as it is vital to be able to offer solutions resolving problems originating from political and social conditions of war and other conflicts. Howling Dog Press is the acting host, and the great roaring metal band Illicit Sects [it sounded like a helicopter landed in the room] will provide the searing, lightning energy within which poets will soar. As a special feature, a film by Swoon Bildos of “Kiss the Cobra” by Michael Annis, as performed by Sitara Monica Perez in a soundscape by Italian composer, Sonologyst, will have its world premier. Covering the event, FreeSpeechTV will be videotaping and participating in it, with a speaker from FSTV on media independence. All LIVE at the classic Oriental Theater, 44th & Tennyson, Denver. Doors open at 9 am. No admission charge. There will also be an exhibition of 100,000 Poets for Change posters from across the globe at the venue–this being only one of two exhibitions in the world, the other in Santa Rosa, CA.

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