Mbizo Chirasha- 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Harare, Zimbabwe 2015

Organizer: Mbizo Chirasha

Contact: mbizoc@yahoo.co.uk

100 Thousand Poets for Peace- Zimbabwe
Schools and Events Centre Launch!
Today the 8th of October 2015. The GirlChild Creativity Founder, who is the Zimbabwe Coordinator for 100 Thousand Poets for Peace and Change – Global, launched the 100 Thousand Poets for Peace – Zimbabwe Schools and Events Centre in Highfeilds, Gaza land area at Cabal Christian College- this college is situated amidst the home industrial Complex and have many talented students who believe in shaping their talent careers and musical gifts. The College will be the centre of all activities of both 100 Thousand Poets for Peace – Zimbabwe and GirlChildCreativity Project in Harare, events activities that include poetry performances and readings, poetry slams, creative writing seminars , Peace festivals and other artistic and creative programs in Harare. Highfeilds is one of the oldest suburbs in Harare, Zimbabw . It is called Musha mukuru, alot of actors, creative artists, musicians and politicians passed through or were born in Highfeilds. To cap up the day at the Cabal Christian College young poets, singers, writers and artists presented their works with all zeal celebrating peace and freedom. They also reflected day to day community issues from moral to social perspectives. The poetry touched on issues that have to do with peace on the environment. Preservation of natural resources, peace in families and antiviolence, the stories touched on the abolishing of dangerous drugs and gender based violence. The GirlChildCreativity also launched the Cabal College Writers that will work hand in hand with the 100 Thousand Poets for Peace –Zimbabwe Projects, Activities and programs through the whole year. In December 100 Thousand Poets for Peace- Zimbabwe will be launched concurrently with the Poetry for Peace Fiesta in Harare, Zimbabwe. To all face book followers, poets, singers, lovers for peace and other peace projects we definitely need your support in all activities before the launch, during the launch, after the launch. Your support in spreading the word, on posting on the page, in kind , morally, materially and monetary is very much appreciated.


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