Loriana Lucciarini -Monterosi, Italy 2016

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September 24, 2016


Italy is also joining web

online event on this page of Loriana Lucciarini blog

and on Facebook at this link


What is 100TPC?

100 thousand Poets for Change (100 Thousand Poets for Change, or 100TPC) is an international movement focused in the arts, especially poetry, music, and literature. It was created by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, and takes place in a world event every September. 100 Thousand Poets for Change was initially conceived by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion in March 2011, as a series of global events to be held simultaneously on September 24 of that year. Literally said event planners, were volunteers who came together to organize events, each in his own city or school. On 13 September 2011, the city of Santa Rosa, California, declared September 24 the “100 Thousand Poets for Change Day,” and Stanford University volunteered to store all documentation and audiovisual recordings of the event previously posted in the 100TPC website.

global event, also in Italy …

Even Italy adheres to this cultural movement, many are interested cities by poetic and literary events. Among the organizers there is also a poet and writerLoriana Lucciarini, the curator of this blog who in 2015 was among the organizers of 100TPC with a live web event and radio [ see here – and here ], and that is why in 2016 decided to revive the web formula, convinced that it can exploit the potential of involvement and dissemination of web deals.

… and on this blog!

Then The event will take place online on this blog page and in the related event facebook.

Here you will find the verses of poets and poets who have joined with enthusiasm and participation and thank him publicly for having taken the opportunity to send out positive messages and important through this worldwide initiative character, also showing confidence in my cultural proposal.

Below you will find published the poems in the form of card, as well as some videos.

We want to launch in the web of our vibrant and intense verses, to talk about emotion, rebirth, hope, protest, love, faith, life … with the hope that they can get to many of you❤

Remember, those who decide to want to help at the last minute, you can post their poems attending an event facebook ( THIS ) and posting their own verses using the following hashtag: # 100TPC #laPoesiasalvailMondo #CentomilaPoetiperilCambiamento

Here’s the rundown of contemporary authors present in this event, with their poems …

one hundred thousand-poets-for-the-change

Elisabetta Mattioli Maria Lidia Petrulli ♥    ♥  Laura Rocca    ♥   Silvia Pattarini   ♥   Emanuele Zanardini    ♥  Loriana Lucciarini    ♥   Alberto Scala    ♥   Barbara Eramo    ♥   Giusy Del Vento    ♥   Michael Chrysanthemums    ♥  Nicky Persian    ♥ Andreina Moretti    ♥   Lia Romano    ♥  Cristina Biolcati    ♥  Vladimiro Merisi    ♥    Fabrizio Astrofilosofo Melody    ♥ Matteo Cotugno    ♥ Agnese Palma   ♥  Alessandra Leonardi    ♥ Poe   ♥   Angy C. Argent    ♥  Tamara Marcelli    ♥  Renata Morbidelli    ♥  Alessandra Iannotta *    ♥  Alessandra Nateri Sangiovanni * ♥  Michele Sbriscia * ♥  Michele Prenna * ♥  Fabrizio Set (Faber Albert Fixed) * ♥    Silvia Pattarini, Stefania Bergo, Samantha Terrasi, Renata Morbidelli, in the Article on the collective de WRITERS OF nEXT DOOR (at this link)

* Acceptances arrive after closing official list, included in the event as poetry Card

… That hundred thousand poets for change – 100TPC begin!




MATTIOLI – https://vimeo.com/183294634
PETRULLI – https://vimeo.com/183298750
ROCCA – https://vimeo.com/183299777
PATTARINI – https://vimeo.com/183326108
ZANARDINI – https://vimeo.com/183330807
LUCCIARINI – https://vimeo.com/183340363
SCALA – https://vimeo.com/183468204
ERAMO – https://vimeo.com/183471149
DEL VENTO https://vimeo.com/183475872
CRISANTEMI https://vimeo.com/183479027
PERSICO https://vimeo.com/183487523
MORETTI https://vimeo.com/183492770
ROMANO https://vimeo.com/183497402
BIOLCATI https://vimeo.com/183507122
MERISI https://vimeo.com/183637198
MELODIA https://vimeo.com/183644132
COTUGNO https://vimeo.com/183651456
PALMA https://vimeo.com/183655533
LEONARDI https://vimeo.com/183665184
POE https://vimeo.com/183676532
ARGENT https://vimeo.com/183687431
MARCELLI https://vimeo.com/183810764
MORBIDELLI https://vimeo.com/183828853

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