Moe Seager – Paris, France 2017



100 TPC Paris 2017. Theme – Exploitation. Sunday 24 Sept from 7pm til midnight. Poets, Musicians, Videos, Poster Art. Poets Live ( andAngora Poets (@angorapoets) are co-sponsors. Part of a global poetry event, for CHANGE, involving 500+ cities around the world ( – thanks to Michael Rothenberg & Terri Carrion.

PERFORMERS LIST (follow them on FB): Moe Seager, host. Krishna Bagadiya, Ed Bell, Vanessa Camacho, Oto Cronopio, Malik Crumpler,Prince Emagine, Juan Christian Guerrero, Sarah Helena, JaAfari Karim,Antonia Alexandra Klimenko, Guno Koese, Kam Lou, Rethabile Masilo,Ayoub Rahhal, Samantha Ryan, Ray C Scott III, David Leo Sirois, Tito Slam Station, Bill Strangmeyer, Nina Zivancevic, Marco O’Chapeau, Kat Brétel. The guest band – Avery Millard, Hugo Vingoss, Zohaïr B. H. Bachat. Marie Liss photographer-video maker. Lindsay Gordon – a/v and visual arts curator.

VENUE: Angora Bar is near Bastille metro on lines 1, 5, and 8.
3 boulevard richard lenoir, 75011 Paris, France
*** Drinks and Snacks at the Bar ***

TEAM (big thanks to volunteers and supporters, on the scene, this year and every year):
The Organizer/Host/Curator: Moe Seager (
The Art Director: Lindsay Gordon
Co-sponsor – Poets LiveMalik Crumpler
The Photographer/Videographer: Marie Liss

All MEDIA will be posted here and archived at Stanford U. via 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Official) ->

. *E* . *X* . *P* . *L* . *O* . *I* . *T* . *A* . *T* . *I* . *O* . *N* .
“Down but not out, People for peace and justice, We are the precious little gems of the Universe.” – Moe Seager

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